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[NIC TEMPLATE] Mod Menu Theos Template! Easily Create Your Own iGMMs!

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On 5/8/2017 at 7:05 PM, shmoo said:

that was my goal :p

Beautiful (y)

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Thanks for the great Tut.. so I tired to play something but not quite getting there. I guess my main problem is I don't know what AppDelgate and how to answer with,


The result is I can build the package but didn't see button show up at my game. please can you share where can be wrong at my end?


NIC 2.0 - New Instance Creator
  [1.] iphone/apmenu
  [2.] iphone/application
  [3.] iphone/library
  [4.] iphone/preference_bundle
  [5.] iphone/tool
  [6.] iphone/tweak
  [7.] shmoo's Mod Menu Template
Choose a Template (required): 7
Project Name (required): vfcheat
Package Name [com.yourcompany.vfcheat]: com.ap.valantforcehack
Author/Maintainer Name [System Administrator]: Steveb
[shmoo's Mod Menu Template] Cydia Substrate Bundle filter [com.apple.springboard]: com.diandian.valiantforce
[warning] Asked to link theos, but template lacks an optional theos link. Creating one! Contact the author of this template about this issue.
[shmoo's Mod Menu Template] Version of the app: 1.12.0
[shmoo's Mod Menu Template] Name of the hack: vfHack
[shmoo's Mod Menu Template] Name of the binary: valiantforce
[shmoo's Mod Menu Template] What is the AppDelegate: vfDegegate
[shmoo's Mod Menu Template] List of applications to terminate upon installation (space-separated, '-' for none) [SpringBoard]: com.diandian.valiantforce
Instantiating shmoo's Mod Menu Template in vfcheat/...
Steven6:/var/mobile/vfcheat root# make package
Making all for tweak vfcheat...
 Preprocessing Tweak.xm...
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
Constants from lexical variables potentially modified elsewhere are deprecated at /private/var/theos/bin/lib/aliased.pm line 42.
 Compiling Tweak.xm...
 Compiling ModMenu.mm...
 Compiling Hack.mm...
 Compiling Hook.mm...
 Compiling SliderHook.mm...
 Compiling TextfieldHook.mm...
 Compiling InfoView.mm...
 Linking tweak vfcheat...
 Stripping vfcheat...
 Signing vfcheat...
Making stage for tweak vfcheat...
dpkg-deb: building package 'com.ap.valantforcehack' in './debs/com.ap.valantforcehack_1.12.0-1_iphoneos-arm.deb'.
Steven6:/var/mobile/vfcheat root# dpkg -i ./debs/com.ap.valantforcehack_1.12.0-1_iphoneos-arm.deb
(Reading database ... 10204 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack .../com.ap.valantforcehack_1.12.0-1_iphoneos-arm.deb ...
Unpacking com.ap.valantforcehack (1.12.0-1) over (0.0.1-1) ...
Setting up com.ap.valantforcehack (1.12.0-1) ...
Steven6:/var/mobile/vfcheat root#


at Tweak.xm, I add this line, updated some color setting as well

addHack(@"God Mode", @"God Power", font, {0x93C83C}, {0x5846}, {0x006c});


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I encounter error while make package : tweak.xm 112 error %orig found outside of hook or subclass, please help

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      - anything else is also ok

    • By DiDA
      @caoyin has blessed us Cheaters with yet another amazing tool called "CPAntiDumper" or "CPAD" for short. The whole purpose of CPAD is to obfuscate your (modded) binary file(s) & prevent others from dumping offsets from your tweaks. CPAD works on binary files and .dylibs! If CPLoader (also from caoyin) is not for you, CPAntiDumper is a great alternative!
      - ARMv7 & ARM64 iOS Binary. Your binary must be thinned if you select only ARMv7.
      Android .SO support is coming very soon! Check back on this topic!
      If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask down below in a post.
      How to use it
      For ease of use, I have included a .bat file inside the download link below which simplifies the whole process by simply dragging your binary file to the .bat file and reading the on-screen instructions. Of course, you can modify the .bat to your liking. You will also need to edit it to add the location of cpad.exe on your computer. Example usage of CPAD.bat file.
      Note CPAD is only a Windows tool but will likely work on other operating systems with Wine since it's a simple CLI. 
      If you would like to run CPAD using cmd, you can do so using this command:
      cpad.exe BINARYFILENAME VALUE ARCH Example: cpad.exe baba 15000 arm64 cpad.exe iosfps 25000 armv7 Once you run the command, CPAD will analyze the binary and start obfuscating it thus preventing Binary Compare.
      Once CPAD completes the process, it will generate 2 new files. BINARYNAMEobf & BINARYNAME.txt
      BINARYNAMEobf will be the obfuscated binary file you will need to use. Rename the file and place it back into your IPA/APK and test/share your hack.
      BINARYNAME.txt will be the file that contains all the writeData instructions for you to implement inside your Tweak.xm. Most effective way to integrate all the writeDatas inside the .txt to your Tweak.xm is by placing your real writeData in a random place amongst all the other CPAD writeDatas. So if someone tries to dump your offsets, they will have to go through <YOURVALUE> (20,000 other writeDatas for example). This is only for iOS .deb hacks. Example:
      vm_writeData(0x100673DC0,0xC0033FD6); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x100A969D8,0x2100014A); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x100A969DC,0x420002CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x100A969E4,0x210001CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x10051EBF8,0xE00300AA); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x100114DF8,0x12345678); // Your Real Offset! vm_writeData(0x10051EC44,0x000000CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x10051EC4C,0x840004CB); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x10051EC6C,0xC0033FD6); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x10051EC74,0xE20302AA); // writeData Generated by CPAD vm_writeData(0x10051EC88,0xE10301AA); // writeData Generated by CPAD Remember! You can go crazy with your value by entering 100000 into CPAD which will make it super secure but will likely take a lot of time depending on your computer.

      Hidden Content
      Like this post or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info  
      - v1.0 Initial release. Only iOS ARMv7 Support.
      - v1.1 iOS ARM64 Support, improved interface.
    • By DiDA

      We are proud to present CPLoader Online! Thanks to @caoyin, this feature is now available online so you can now use CPLoader on any device! Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, anywhere.

      How to use CPLoader Online:
      This works the same way as the GUI Version on Windows. Simply upload the .dylib file you want to secure, select the 'CPLoader' option and after a second or two, the page will refresh with a download link to the new obfuscated dylib!

      Once you download the obfuscated .dylib, you can place it inside the /ProjectName/_/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ folder then manually package the deb file using dpkg -b _ command.

      Note: The online version does not support license checks. It might in the future.

      This option has been tested multiple times and has worked fine. If you find any issues, please contact me regarding them.

      New and alternative "CPAntiDumper": 
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