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  1. the latest download link says v1.9.4. please update to v2.0.2 ? thank you
  2. This is a cosco2djx game, not sure if Unity Hacking method guru can help
  3. Cool! looking forward to see more H5GG hack. Can learn and use at same time
  4. Can I customize the H5GG advance menu? For example, a way to hide search area, float tolerance area since I don't always need it once the code is stable.. Thank you
  5. Exactly. it is different way of thinking logic, but this is getting closer to the way Game Developer thinking, much more O-O orient and... I hope I am not taking too much of your time, I try to micmic your code and change the total number of turn that I can use, so I had below diff adding below to var cheats StopCount:["PuzzleUI","notUsed","ONE","SELF","ON","stopCount"] and have below under togglecheat PuzzlePlayer.stopCount = function(){ appendLog("this.m_nTurnNumber= "+this.m_nTurnNumber) this.m_nTurnNumber = 15; } let PuzzleUI = new UnityObject(PuzzlePlayer.PuzzleUI) PuzzleUI.loadFields(["m_nTurnNumber","LootTurnRuneCount"]) // this.m_nTurnNumber = this.LootTurnRuneCount appendLog("m_nTurnNumber= "+this.m_nTurnNumber+" : LootTurnRuneCount ="+this.LootTurnRuneCount) I thought I can print out the turn number, but always I get undefined. I am sure in PuzzleUI, there is such field, and in PuzzlePlayer, there is an instance of PuzzleUI My code here https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0ebWuS2833pIaaBca7M-q3viQ#H5JSPlugin_-_Gem_of_War thank you so much..
  6. and just like you mentioned, this way of cheating make it almost effortless to maintain. The game just upgraded to 7.1 and your script directly take effect with no problem I really must learn this more, thank you!
  7. This is Gem of War. https://apps.apple.com/tw/app/gems-of-war-match-3-strategy/id897954560 thank you for great advice, I will keep learning and play with it. The thing about reseting mana are good advice, but it looks like this game is call same method to control both side (my and enemy's) mana. So when I alter the change, it affect both side.
  8. sorry, ,really interested in this but really got a lot to learn. The more I play with this, the more unknown I realises. Q:Is this script worked like one time thing? That, the script only get executed when the code path get there, and you have to run the script before it trigger. For some method that happened at battle, such as adjust mana when take damage, you cannot use this script as it does not work like a hook. Is this understand correct? Q: if a method has game object in parameter, how do I loadMethods it?e.g. public void AdjustPlayerMana(int playerIndex, int[] manaCollected, ref bool activateManaMatchTraits, bool collectedFromBoard = False, bool wasMatch = False, PuzzleTroop pAdjustmentCause) { } thank you for your time.
  9. No, I cannot change via US Analyser as well. But I should be able to find the address and patch it. So.. if the value cannot be change by UA, it cannot be altered by plugin?
  10. Thank you.. I had very weak sense of Unity Game development, sorry for my further more question.... Objective: change the remaining attempts of a dungen from Dump.cs, I captured this public class GWGameState : MonoBehaviour // TypeDefIndex: 9219 { : public int DelveAttempts { get; } public int get_DelveAttempts() { } : } my Plug.js code try { script = initializeUnitySupport(); //[STEP 2][MODIFY]Change the root object of interest, which should able to link to your other cheat object aryObj = script.call("findUnityObjectOfType", ["$GWGameState", true]); if (!aryObj || aryObj.length == 0) { } for (let i = 0; i < aryObj.length; i++) { let GWGameState = new UnityObject(aryObj[i]); GWGameState.loadFields(['int32 DelveAttempts']); GWGameState.loadMethods(["int32 get_DelveAttempts()"]); GWGameState.DelveAttempts=5 alert("GWGameState (" + aryObj[i].toString(16) + ") with UnityObject:" + GWGameState.DelveAttempts+"get_DelveAttempts="+GWGameState.get_DelveAttempts()) GWGameState.loadFields(['int32 DelveAttempts']); alert(GWGameState.DelveAttempts) } } catch (e) { //reset Unity Support gIl2cppInit = false; var script = initializeUnitySupport(); } Result GWGameState (0x13125ba80) with UnityObject: 5. get_DelveAttempts=3 Unity support crashed and reset completeTypeError: Attempting to change the setter of an unconfigurable property. I believe I didn't change the object value at all, I just changed the object that I initiated, can you please educate ?
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