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New Year Premium Accounts [Giveaway]

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Hello Every one !



So after I my self want to contribute giveaway on this forums too.


New Year Accounts Giveaway !


-10 Winners

-Ends on 5th January, 2017

-Comment WHY you need premium accounts


Accounts Available






-Sound Cloud

-Hbo Now





-Direct TV

-Direct TV Now

-Xfinity TV

-Sling TV

-Sling Box


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I need premium accounts because my parents won't pay a penny for it so I always have to find backdoors, even for games and other stuff. that's why I am always on a hunt for premium accounts. and why shall I pay when we have people like you :p  FOR THE FREE . I am interested in the following premium accounts:- 


~ Netflix

~ Spotify

~ Deezer 

~ Direct TV

~ Sling Tv

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I want these premium accounts because these accounts will help me out so much cause I don't have accounts cracking skills.


Hope I lucky -Stringceil.

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I just want to say, nice giveaway!

I want the premium accounts because my parents, even though I'm almost going to college, won't pay for ANY premium accounts. So I always need to find premium accounts for free :lol:. I would crack the accounts, but I've always had a problem with Sentry MBA, and therefore giveaways are my only option.

Hope I am lucky to win this :)

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I want to win a a premium account for Spotify since it's the only thing I want from this giveaway and because I really don't have the time to pay for things at the moment. Good luck to all! :)

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Being a movie and music addict, I would love Netflix & Sound Cloud account. Having spent all my savings on Bully (game) I'm out of cash  O.o .

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As a broke college kid, I gotta take advantage of this. Really interested in these accounts for the following reasons

  • Soundcloud, because who likes ads while they're commanding DJ riding shotgun, or even looking for the perfect beat and some ad for walmart comes on?
  • Crunchyroll, I had the year premium until it ran out a few months ago and still too broke to pay for it again. Gotta catch up on my basic Naruto, OP, Konosuba(season 2 this month lol), Yuri on Ice, Drifters, BSD, and if Blood Lad is on there cause I need that too
  • Funimation, for all the things that Crunchyroll don't got.
  • Spotify, maybe. I got the jailbreak tweak spotilife, but I want to be able to save for offline.

Never hurts to try lol free is free and always appreciated !

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