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  1. In water drop situation you shouldn't put your phone in side rice. You need to quickly open inside the phone and plug off battery connector then dry the inside of phone with cloth (should be microfiber cloth so it suck up water fast) then wait about 12-24 hour and reconnect the battery connector the try turn on the device. Ps if you put phones in rice, rice will make the inside rust and will cause perniment motherboard broke so you need to buy a new one. In your situation right now you need to get inside the phone then dry it with cloth to not make it rust and you can use it normally. But about cydia and tweak isn't work I don't know what happen because there will be software and hardware so your phone boot up then your hardware isn't broken and if normal iOS runs normally then your software isn't broken in this situation you should rejailbreak it (restore but from your current iOS by downloading .ipsw on this www.ipsw.me just don't care about unsigned because in your device have shsh blob for your current iOS) after restore try jailbreak from your trusted tools. And see if it works.
  2. those cracking took give you a password. If you are a evil kind of person like me just change it. If you don't want to change it just don't change it.
  3. Shmoo I know you are gonna end this hack and release it at 80+ feature. Keep it up bro! That is too. Op
  4. Welcome to our community. There is many hacks out here you can use the search bar to find hacks. And if you found nothing about games/apps that you want to hack you need to make topic in Hack Request on Game Cheats & Hacks Request.
  5. if you got real window product key just use boot camp
  6. Sorry I can't answer that I am not coding expert. You should ask Shmoo or crypto.
  7. The iOS 10 jailbreak is in beta you need to wait before the stable version of the jailbreak come out. This why there is a problems cause.
  8. I think iGame Guardians there will be offsets like 0x0001(7748364) example 7748364 is a currency in game you just need to change the value in offsets (0x0001) to what ever you want but some game has it limit for currency so offsets is the things that you need to find and try change them to see what happen and if it doesn't a offsets that we doesn't want just change the value of that offsets back to normal. That is that I think offsets is.
  9. Yub for gameplayer when I change all of 2200 numbers when I go back to the game it crash. I spend a lot of time to change that all
  10. on the let me try.It crash and when I search it 1000+ items found and it can't edit for me.
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