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Easily Thin FAT Binaries on Windows! [ Offline Lipo ]

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While ARMConverter.com's online binary thinning tool is super useful for users, not everyone has a great upload speed to upload a 50 - 100MB binary.
That's the reason this simple tool was made. It has only one function which is thinning the binary by removing arm64 portion.
It's a Batch (.bat) script. I've tried simplifying it so that all you have to do is drag the fat binary to the lipo.bat file and then the .bat will automatically use lipo.exe to thin and output the thinned binary.







This is the first version so it may get improved in the future. :)
You can edit the lipo.bat and edit it as you like.

Edited by DiDA
1.1 Update

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Uhh DiDA back' again with them old goodies

@Diversityy @@Mayaxaya


Updated to v1.1


The batch script will now automatically output the FAT input to your desktop using the same inputname+thin (Asphalt8Thin). 


You can also change the location or the output filename as you'd prefer by editing the lipo.bat file.


I would suggest moving the iOSGods Lipo folder to Program Files for example, and then create a shortcut of the lipo.bat to your desktop so that you can simply drag the binary to the icon on the desktop and it will automatically thin it and export the thinned binary on the desktop.

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