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[Tutorial] How to Easily Thin/Patch your Binary! On Mac/PC & iOS!

30 posts in this topic

Instructions for PC/Mac/Linux:

Step 1: You need to have the app installed on your iDevice. If you're on iOS 9, you must install the app using iTunes in order for this process to work.


Step 2: The binary also needs to be Cracked using Clutch or Rasticrac. Get them both from cydia.iphonecake.com and there are tutorials on how to use them posted around the forum.


Step 3: Once you have your cracked binary, visit http://armconverter.com/binarytools/


Step 4: Now select your binary file for uploading or just drag and drop it on the upload button.




Step 5: Select the "Thin Binary" option and then press the "Go" button.




Step 6: Wait for the binary file to upload and the page to refresh showing you the download link for the thinned/patcher binary.






Step 7: Click the download thinned binary button and you know have patched/thinned your binary!



Instructions for iOS/iDevice:

The same procedure is done if you're on iOS and using Safari. To upload any files using Safari, install "Safari Uploader 8" from Cydia. :)


That's it!

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Nice boss :admin:

and you know have patched/thinned your binary

know? :lol:

Edited by ITz_kser

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    • By 3uTools
      If you’re ready to un-jailbreak your iOS 7.1- iOS 9.3.3 device, you can follow these steps:

      You are suggested to back up your important data for your iDevice before using Cydia Eraser, you can back up in 3uTools. Run 3uTools, click "Toolbox", find backup iDevice.

      1) Download and install Cydia Eraser from Cydia.
      2) Launch Cydia Eraser from the Home screen.

      3) Tap on the red erase all data, unjailbreak device button at the bottom of the app.
      3) When you get the confirmation prompt below, tap on the blue "Erase All button".

      4) Cydia Eraser will begin doing its thing. Depending on how loaded your device is with files and jailbreak add-ons, this could take a bit. For our partially-stock jailbroken device, this process took about 5 minutes.
      5) Keep an eye on the progress bar at the bottom of the display, as it will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the process:

      6) When Cydia Eraser finishes its thing, you’ll see a black screen with a loading bar, and shortly after, a black screen with an Apple and a loading bar. This is iOS simply setting things up so you can activate your device.
      7) When finished, you should see the “Hello” screen. Just follow the steps you see on the screen to set up and activate your device.

      8) And just to confirm that you’re on iOS 9.3.3 after using Cydia Eraser, head over to Settings > General > About and you’ll see that your device was restored to iOS 9.3.3.
    • By ___Aaki___
      Hidden Content
      Like this post or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info
    • By i0s_tweak3r
      Has Your iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 Device Randomly Rebooted, And Now Seems Impossible To Rejailbreak?
      Don't worry, with a little (or a lot) of patience and determination, and these tips, you should be able to again get it rejailbroken.
      Why Is This Happening?
      There's a glitch in the Pangu 9.2-9.3.3 jailbreak that can cause the device to randomly reboot on it's own, and enter a state that makes rejailbreaking with the jbme website, and the app, nearly impossible. I wouldn't believe it had it not happened to me. After hours of trying everything, the following tips helped get me rejailbroken, and I haven't had an issue since.
      So What's The Best Fix? 
      1.) Power off device for 30 seconds by holding power button, then sliding "swipe to power off."
      2.) Hold down both power button and volume up button until Apple logo appears, then release power button but keep holding volume up until lockscreen appears.
      3.) Double press home button and then close ALL open windows/apps.
      4.) Try to jailbreak now with official Pangu app, downloaded from http://en.pangu.io or the Chinese version is fine too.  You will need to use the most recent version of Cydia Impactor to load it onto your device if the app isn't there already with a currently signed certificate.  If you don't know how to use Impactor, there are tutorials on here already explaining it's use.
      5.) After the respring, try to open Cydia or any tweak. If it works, great! If you are still jailed, double press home again, kill what you tried to open but don't kill Pangu app. Go there from app switcher and try again, this time after pressing circle quickly double press the power/lock button. Hopefully it will show you this time the "Storage Almost Full" warning, then respring into jailbroken state.
      And If It Still Doesn't Work?
      Any, or all of the following suggestions may help you on your way. If one doesn't work, try another. The key is to NOT GIVE UP.
      *Make SURE "Find My iPhone" and "Touch ID/Passcode" are all disabled.
      *Reset network preferences, by going to Settings/General/Reset/Reset Network Settings.
      *Make sure device is sufficiently charged, and not in "Low Power Mode." Also make sure "Background App Refresh" is enabled.
      *Alternate having device plugged in, hitting green circle, then unplugging at same time you lock device, and doing the reverse (plugging in device to power when you lock device).
      *Vary the amount of time you take to lock device after hitting circle, anywhere from 1-5 seconds.
      When this bug hit me, I must've tried using http://jbme.qwertyoruiop.com and the Pangu app over 30 times, and was ready to scream. Eventually I searched around the web and after finding these tips I got it jailbroke within about 4-5 tries.
      Credits: @i0s_tweak3r 
      Redmond Pie Tutorial
      Tips From Reddit
    • By Amuyea
      Wanted to make a deb but your iDevice is too small?
      Stuck somewhere without WIFI?

      What you will need:
      - iDevice
      - Cyberduck
      - usbmuxd
      - Python *REQUIRED*
      - Computer/Laptop
      1. Download Python for computer. https://www.python.org/downloads/
      2. Download usbmuxd below  *fixed link*
      3. Extract the file and move to your Documents or anywhere you like.
      4. Plug in your device through USB
      5. In terminal cd to where you put the folder
                Or drag usbmuxd to terminal
      6. Type this
      ./tcprelay.py -t 22:22222 7. Open cyberduck
      8. Fill out like this

      9. Click connect
      10. Click yes or something to allow.
      11. You can use it now and anywhere!
      Credits for tutorial:
      @Battousai for link.
      Developer for programs.
    • By Zimon
      This is basically a start pack/list with everything about iOS Hacking.
      General tools/requirements: 
      - A file manager such as: iFile or Filza File Manager from Cydia.
      - A memory editor such as: iGameGuardian, Game Gem or GamePlayer.
      - Tweak to allow remote SSH connections on your iDevice: OpenSSH from Cydia
      - A file manager to SSH to your iDevice: WinSCP (Windows), CyberDuck (Mac).
      - A terminal to SSH to your iDevice: PuTTY (Windows), Terminal (Mac)
      - A debugger such as: GNU-Debugger from Cydia (cydia.radare.org) or LLDB
      - A tool for MS hacking: Flex 2 from Cydia 
      - IDA Professional v6.8: https://iosgods.com/topic/3933-ida-pro-v66-v68-full/
      - A way to remove hacking protection from applications (ASLR/PIE):  http://armconverter.com/binarytools/ or RMASLR from Cydia.
      - A way to convert ARM/HEX to HEX/ARM: http://armconverter.com/hextoarm/
      - MS Hook Generator: http://armconverter.com/binarytools/
      - Code Inject Generator: http://armconverter.com/binarytools/
      - CPLoader to secure and license your .dylib's: http://armconverter.com/binarytools/
      More information about http://armconverter.com/'s binary tools: https://iosgods.com/topic/20338-binary-tools-online-strings-symbols-binary-thinning-class-dump-remove-aslrpie-and-cploader-online/

      How to Hack [IDA]:
      How to Hack [MS]: 
      How to Hack [MS Hook]:
      How to Thin a Binary:
      How to Crack an Application: 
      Credits to the creators of these tutorials!
      If there's anything else you'd like me to add or feel like I missed something, just let me know!  
      I will be updating this regularly! 
      Make sure to check back often.
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