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[Tutorial] How to Easily Thin/Patch your Binary! On Mac/PC & iOS!

30 posts in this topic

Instructions for PC/Mac/Linux:

Step 1: You need to have the app installed on your iDevice. If you're on iOS 9, you must install the app using iTunes in order for this process to work.


Step 2: The binary also needs to be Cracked using Clutch or Rasticrac. Get them both from cydia.iphonecake.com and there are tutorials on how to use them posted around the forum.


Step 3: Once you have your cracked binary, visit http://armconverter.com/binarytools/


Step 4: Now select your binary file for uploading or just drag and drop it on the upload button.




Step 5: Select the "Thin Binary" option and then press the "Go" button.




Step 6: Wait for the binary file to upload and the page to refresh showing you the download link for the thinned/patcher binary.






Step 7: Click the download thinned binary button and you know have patched/thinned your binary!



Instructions for iOS/iDevice:

The same procedure is done if you're on iOS and using Safari. To upload any files using Safari, install "Safari Uploader 8" from Cydia. :)


That's it!

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Nice boss :admin:

and you know have patched/thinned your binary

know? :lol:

Edited by ITz_kser

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