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Shoutbox Rules

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If you haven’t read this, then you’re probably at risk. "Risk of what Klepto?," you might ask? Well the risk of getting banned of course you silly goose.

Now, Papa DiDA doesn’t take kindly to people asking for stuff without using the search feature on the top right corner. In fact, he hates em! That’s right. If you want him to hate you then go ahead and ask for something without searching for it first, that’ll get you that fresh foot to your ass out the door to another moon. (Or banned if you wanna put it nicely)

Of course, you can always follow the rules and not do that and maybe, just one day, you can become a dank meme lord like myself.

You can't spam, advertise, request, ask for support, harass, or be rude in the shoutbox. You will get shoutbox banned without notice if you do. Forum Rules apply on the shoutbox.

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Who the hell said you are the "dank meme lord"?

There is only one dank meme lord around here and it is me! :king:

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