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Guide [Breaking Security]How to disable syscall (anti-debugging protection)

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    • By The Epic Gamer
      Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how to download Add-Ons Studio for Minecraft...Here is the app information:

      App name: Add-Ons Studio for Minecraft
      iTunes url: Click Me!
      1. Jailbroken iDevice
      2. App Cake (From Cydia)
      1. Download the .ipa file from the link below
      2. Press Open in "App Cake"
      3. Press Install
      4. Wait for a few seconds until the loading logo disappears
      5. You're done!
      .ipa file url:

      Hidden Content
      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info Credits:
      Me (Majd Awwad)
      Note: if the .ipa crashes write it down in the comments and try to install it with cydia impactor
    • By The Epic Gamer
      Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how to get Add-Ons Studio for Minecraft for free!
      App name: Add-Ons Studio for Minecraft
      App icon:

      Version: 1.0 (newest version at the time of posting this tutorial)
      iTunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/add-ons-studio-for-minecraft/id1187279979?mt=8
      1. Jailbroken idevice
      2.App Cake
      3.App Sync
      1.Open one of the links below (Safari is recommended)
      2.Wait 5 seconds then press Skip Ad
      3.It will redirect you to the website
      4.Press download and wait for it to finish
      5.Press open with App Cake
      6.Press install and wait for the installation
      7.You're done!
      Important! If the app crashes when opening it, try to install it with Cydia Impactor, if this doesn't work then it will not work unfortunately, try to look over the Internet for a fix 

      Hidden Content
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      Credit goes to 75Digital Ltd and the author
    • By Mr. Android
      Hello fellow iOS users, today I'm gonna show you a tutorial on how to download and use terrarium TV, 
      Now what's Terrarium TV?
      A: Its an app which allows you to watch all the latest TV shows and movies absolutely free and its safe to use too. 
      Note : This tutorial is for non-jailbroken devices. You can download the app directly if you are jailbroken (im not sure @DiDA is it possible? to download and install an app from the browser?) 
      Ok now lets get started

      Hidden Content
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      Enjoy and dont forget to give a feedback and a like
    • By monkeyhunter
      Tweak Installer is a desktop-based Debian package installer for Electra development toolkit. It is developed by Joseph Walden.
      This tool also installs tweaks and themes on your Apple device remotely with SFTP. Here’s how it works –
      Establish an SFTP connection with the target device. Convert the Deb file to an installable format. Transfer it automatically to the required locations on the device’s filesystem (SBInject, Preferences, etc). IT DOES ALL OF THE ABOVE AUTOMATICALLY 
      Yes, it is completely safe to use. All tweaks and associated files are only transferred to the correct locations.
      Moreover, it also allows you to install tweaks that contain tweak-specific data that must be moved outside of bootstrap. For example, the Switches and Application Support folder present in some tweaks.
        Hidden Content
      React or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. More info
      iPhone, iPad, or iPod running iOS 11-11.1.2 A computer running Windows (64-bit) A jailbreak with SFTP access WiFi connection HOW TO INSTALL DEBIAN FILES FROM PC TO IPHONE WITH TWEAK INSTALLER
      Step 1 Download the Debian package of the tweak or theme you want to install
      Step 2 Download the ZIP archive from the link above and extract it to any location on your computer. You can use Windows inbuilt ZIP manager or use 7Zip utility, which is more powerful.
      Step 3 Open the Tweak Installer.exeexecutable file to launch the program.
      Step 4 Input the following details in their respective fields –
      host – Wifi IP address (Your device must be on Wifi for this tool to work properly) user – root pass – alpine deb – Deb file location Step 5 Once the all the fields are ready, click on Install. It will now install the required Deb file on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
      For uninstalling a tweak, simply input the data given above and press the Uninstallbutton. Remember, you must possess the tweak file of the tweak you wish to uninstall. Therefore, I recommend backing up and saving all the tweaks you install on your PC or computer. That’s pretty much it! 
      I would appreciate  ❤️ 
      Credits: Original Reddit Post
    • By Zimon
      This is a tutorial on how to set up iOSDDL as a custom uploader for ShareX (a screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool, download here).
      Simply follow the 5 simple, well-detailed steps.
      1. Start by opening to ShareX's destination settings window.
      From the system tray, right-click the ShareX logo (), and hover over "Destinations" (), then click on "Destination settings..." ().
      From the main window, hover over "Destinations" (), then click on "Destination settings..." ().
      2. Navigate to "Custom uploaders".
      To navigate to "Custom uploaders", simply scroll down on the left side of the window until you find "Custom uploaders" () and left-click on it.
      3. Import the config.
      To import the iOSDDL config, simply left-click on the "Import" button () and then select the method of importing that you'd like to use (methods are below).
      Configuration file (import from file): https://iosddl.net/5a117185f738e025/iOSDDL.sxcu
      Configuration URL (import from URL): https://pastebin.com/raw/BCNKA3JJ
      Configuration code (import from clipboard):
      { "Name": "iOSDDL", "DestinationType": "FileUploader", "RequestURL": "https://iosddl.net/api/v2/file/upload", "FileFormName": "upload_file", "Arguments": { "account_id": "YOUR_ID", "access_token": "YOUR_TOKEN", "folder_id": "" }, "URL": "$json:data[0].url$", "DeletionURL": "$json:data[0].delete_url$" }  
      4. Editing the config for your account.
      Now, for the last part, all you need is to acquire your accounts account_id and access_token.
      To do this, simply replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD with your iOSDDL (not iOSGods!) account information in the URL below.
      https://iosddl.net/api/v2/authorize?username=YOURUSERNAME&password=YOURPASSWORD Now copy the account_id and account_token, and replace it with the YOUR_ID & YOUR_TOKEN in the configuration file. Either by replacing it in the code before importing, or when already imported.
      To do it after importing, simply update the information in the "Arguments".

      5. Selecting iOSDDL as your file uploader.
      Now to make sure you are using iOSDDL as your custom uploader for files, make sure you've selected "iOSDDL" in the "File uploader" roll-down.

      And select "Custom file uploader" in "Destinations" () > "File uploader".

      Now, you're all set.

      To upload files to your iOSDDL account using ShareX, simply right-click the file on your computer, and left-click on "Upload with ShareX" ().
      This will automatically upload the file to your account, and copy the download URL to your clipboard.
      The deletion URL will also be saved in your ShareX history.
      Tip You can also use this to upload text files and images to your iOSDDL account, simply change the uploader in your destinations settings.
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