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  1. Im not trying to spread toxicity but i found this on R/Jailbreak i just wanted to see what everyone thought of the reply on here in the comments on this link https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/7w7n33/discussion_i_truly_encourage_everyone_in_the/dtz2c8g/?sh=8d3f5ab3&st=JDGSOCJD
  2. Hey guys If you have immortal installed uninstall it ASAP do not install it Whats the problem? This tweak will delete the provisioning profiles of ALL of your apps, thus invalidating their signature, and making them open ONLY in the jailbroken mode.This will make your apps signed via Impactor not work in non-jailbroken mode. Here is the topic on reddit about immortal https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/7s74lq/discussion_if_you_installed_immortal_after_the/
  3. download a tweak from hackyouriphone repo called ptrace pwner works on 8 and 9 i think 10 that will bypass anti debugging protection EDIT : if your having a issue with attaching i just realized you asked what does syscall do oops
  4. Download the game using iTunes the app slicing feature is so annoying I agree
  5. What about if I have your theos folder and I completely delete mine
  6. Actually I followed it right I know how to follow a fricking tutorial
  7. That was the one I installed on my iPad Air 2 it's all ****** up I think I will try the github on but is there a tut I can follow for the one that Dida said
  8. Test that's all Is there a tutorial for that one on here
  9. i got dida's theos folder Taylors-iphone-6-plus:/var/mobile root# cd test Taylors-iphone-6-plus:/var/mobile/test root# make package /var/mobile/test/theos/makefiles/platform/Darwin-arm64.mk:1:*** missing separator. Stop. and @DiDA i fixed the permission denied to nic.pl and everything was set in folder was set to read so i changed permissions to folder and to subfolders and files to 777
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