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  1. Help/Support What does syscall do?

    download a tweak from hackyouriphone repo called ptrace pwner works on 8 and 9 i think 10 that will bypass anti debugging protection EDIT : if your having a issue with attaching i just realized you asked what does syscall do oops
  2. Help/Support Theos errors

  3. Help/Support how do you crack apps that are app sliced?

    Download the game using iTunes the app slicing feature is so annoying I agree
  4. Help/Support Theos errors

    What about if I have your theos folder and I completely delete mine
  5. Pandora Hack Tweak.xm

  6. Help/Support Theos errors

    Actually I followed it right I know how to follow a fricking tutorial
  7. Help/Support Theos errors

    That was the one I installed on my iPad Air 2 it's all ****** up I think I will try the github on but is there a tut I can follow for the one that Dida said
  8. Help/Support Theos errors

    Test that's all Is there a tutorial for that one on here
  9. Help/Support Theos errors

    i got dida's theos folder Taylors-iphone-6-plus:/var/mobile root# cd test Taylors-iphone-6-plus:/var/mobile/test root# make package /var/mobile/test/theos/makefiles/platform/Darwin-arm64.mk:1:*** missing separator. Stop. and @DiDA i fixed the permission denied to nic.pl and everything was set in folder was set to read so i changed permissions to folder and to subfolders and files to 777
  10. wow amazing thanks
  11. World Zombination v3.8 Offsets [Arm64]

    nice buddy
  12. [Offsets]Bullet Force v1.11 armv7

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