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  1. finally back and jailbroken on ios 14.4 now i can return to this site 🙏

    1. Zahir


      Welcome back! What jb supports ios14.4?

    2. Goku Black

      Goku Black

      Checkra1n which is a pain unlike unc0ver i’m still waiting on unc0ver 14.4 but i got tired of waiting and just used checkra1n didn’t take long just used the bootable usb method with rufus

    3. Rook



    4. Zahir


      Oh, I am waiting for taurine to support latest iOS so I have both, checkrain and taurine

    5. Rook



  2. Hoi

    1. Zahir
    2. Goku Black

      Goku Black

      Hello person I remember when i was actually active on this site 😔 how you been

    3. Zahir
  3. haven’t been here in a minute 😩 miss you DiDA 

  4. tiem 5 return

  5. I miss Joka and Dida flirting in chat 

  6. Just so everyone knows, I had the very first status update post of 2020.

    1. Rook


      I have a feeling that nobody cared herrrm

    2. Goku Black

      Goku Black

      You cared enough to comment sir

    3. Rook


      Someone had to inform you :pepe:

  7. It is with great sadness to tell you all that everyone’s beloved friend @Jkay01 has had it done to him. He was a lovely friend to everyone and we will all miss him. Please pray for him as he’s going through a hard time right now after finding out he’s been drafted for World War 3. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. 😔🖤

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      Hope he will get better soon :)

    2. Zahir
    3. Jkay01


      Lol I’m still here 😂 you crazy 

  8. First status post of 2020 I made history 

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