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  1. Well my mom got a new car and I didn’t soo I need something to help me feel better which vip has always made me feel better since my mom can’t afford paying my vip anymore because she bought a car. Plus I failed my calculus test and I’m sad
  2. Hustle Castle and I’m U.S.A. store good luck everyone !
  3. Any working tweaks to use auto identity on iOS 11 that you know of ? Because game player , game gem, igameguardian don’t work on iOS 11.
  4. Followed the tutorial and on iOS 11.2 Electra jailbreak and filza escaped doesn’t work so I put my phone in safe mode as you said you could. However when I followed the steps and finished I went on fortnite and it still detected jailbreak. This isn’t even the worse part, my phone had froze and rebooted and now I can not rejailbreak nor move the bin files back. Any help? More Info I just need root permissions to be able to move the files back however Electra won’t pass 2/3 of enabling jailbreak because it’s missing the files in bin. So I’m stuck in a non jailbreak mode
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