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  1. Description Saavn is the best way to listen to all your music and audio content. With over 30 million Bollywood, English¹, Hindi, and Indian regional songs, expertly curated playlists, custom radio stations for any mood or genre, and exclusive Saavn Original audio shows and podcasts – your ears will thank you. Try it free for one month, with full access to all premium features including: • Save Data & Listen Offline Download your favorite songs, albums, and playlists to save data, and listen anywhere – even without internet – on up to five devices. • No Ads & No Skip Limits Completely ad-free listening, with no skip limits. Just you and your music. • Beautiful High Quality Audio Listen at crystal clear 320kbps, streaming or downloading. Enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard. • 30 Million Songs Find all your favorites, old and new, and can build your dream collection across Hindi, English¹, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Urdu, and Odia. • Exclusive Original Shows & Podcasts Insider features, hilarious interviews, riveting storytellers, groundbreaking dramas, sports, news, and so much more. • AirPlay, Chromecast, and Sonos Support Listen through your favorite music system at home, including Sonos. What's New in Version 5.7.1 - A small number of you fine people weren't able to search after the last update. Ironically, we searched for the issue, and we found it. So you can now search again. Well, technically you could always search, you just wouldn't always get results. Which is the point, I suppose. So you get results now, which is better. - Fixed an issue where some of you fine people also weren't able to log out. Well, maybe not "also" ... it could have been totally different people, or the same people. Who knows. Either way, that one is fixed too. Yes. Those were weird bugs. But hey, they come in all shapes and sizes. That's all for now. We'll be back with another big ol' proper update in a few weeks. Until then, happy listening, and hit us up on Twitter @Saavn if you have any issues or questions. Or if you just wanna chat, we could do that too! Oo, exciting!! Okay, we'll go wait by the keyboard. ( ... refresh... refresh.... refresh..... refresh...... Saavn 5.7.1 Premium IPA thanks to Julioverne -pro features unlocked [Hidden Content]
  2. tbh iam not having any issue like that i just checked. check in your setting > Mobile Data > Scroll down and see if its on for deezer to use mobile data?
  3. Yes you can and you can even download music for listening offline later on when you don't have internet on your phone.
  4. Requirements: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. [WINDOWS] Cydia Impactor or [OSX] iOS App Signer or Appsync Overview: Discover the music you love with Deezer. With access to millions of tracks, create endless playlists with your favorite artists, songs, albums & MP3s for free. Search, stream and download unlimited music with Deezer Flow. > Unlimited access to millions of tracks > Flow - your one-click musical guide > Stream songs, artists, albums, genres, radio stations and audio channels > Sing along with on-screen lyrics > Listen to unlimited playlists curated by our music editors > Import the MP3s that you can’t live without > Let the music play, on or offline Customize your Flow Flow, the ultimate music matchmaker. Flow discovers new songs, albums, artists and genres based on the music you love. Go ahead and import your favorite MP3s into your library and we’ll serve up the soundtrack. We’re always musically attuned with your favorites. Hit play for unlimited music discoveries and streaming. It’s the best place for music downloads, and our music catalogue has it all. Stream channels Search for new artists, songs, albums, audio channels, and radio stations by specific genres & countries. Enjoy your favorite music tracks at your fingertips. Create your own playlist Become your own musical DJ and create playlists for every mood or occasion. Music aficionados - rock out to every song with the finest audio, and listen to a never ending playlist. Check out our music player and choose to share your playlists. Use Flow with on-screen lyrics Never miss a beat with our on-screen lyrics. Whether it be Queen B or the King of Pop, we’ll give you the lyrics and you take the mic. It's your chance to channel your inner Queen or Adele and sing along with legendary artists. Deezer Premium+ •Skip an unlimited number of tracks •Listen to music offline •Upgrade to better sound quality for the best pop beats •Rock out to uninterrupted, ad-free music •Offline music to stream and listen at your convenience •Drive with CarPlay, the best copilot for your music Deezer Family, perfect for everyone •Kids-only profiles •6 Premium+ profiles What's New in Version 6.18.0 - Play right here, right now. See the little Play icon on the left-hand side of every cover? Tap on it to listen to an album, podcast or radio. The new shortcut is available in your music collection, on your homepage and in every channel. For Premium+ members only. - Sleep soundly! Fall asleep to the sweet sound of music without draining the battery. You can automatically stop playing your music after a set time with our clever little timer. Only available in Deezer Labs. More Info: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/deezer-play-unlimited-music-songs-playlists/id292738169?mt=8 Hack Features: Fully Premium Features Unrestrict Music Credits: user_hidden - Cracking + packaging the ipa julioverne - Deezelife Download Instructions:
  5. Thanks for the reply that hack is for version 1.1.1 and now 1.2 is out now so was looking for a crack for that and i need a non jailbreak crack as i dont have a jailbroken device any help would be great if you have a saved file .plist i can replace it in the app with imazing that would be great. Thanks
  6. what u mean? Tbh i think we should have more useful app hacks then pointless games i guess am out of that phase to play games all the time on my iphone lol so need something which is more useful
  7. Image Name of app you want hacked: Boom: Best Equalizer & Magical Surround Sound App Version of the app: 1.2 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/boom-best-equalizer-magical-surround-sound/id1065511007?mt=8 Requested features: Unlock vip Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: non Jailbroken It gives you 5 days of full functionality after you download it first time i checked you can change the date on your iphone to go back on days but thats not practical as cant do it all the time and i have seen Flex hack for this so am sure someone can share their saved .plist file to get this hacked. Thank you!
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