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  1. @DiDA there will possibly be a update to version 8.1 in 3 hours and 30 minutes roughly, just telling you in advance in case you have the free time to update
  2. @DiDA will purchasing one of those tickets that last one year help signing them apps with cydia impactor to last longer than 7 days or are Apple still targeting those types of certificates too? The last week cydia impactor has stopped working for me it won’t load anything it says the same option error code 81 to all my apps even when restarting my computer and revoking all certificates off Apple.com and through cydia impactor as well as deleting the Apple ID and retrying on cydia impactor, is there a work around to this or possibly a close solution to you guys fixing easy install?
  3. @DiDA hey boss, the game crashes whenever we try quests of any sort, do you think you could fix it and give us another upload when you can
  4. @DiDA can we please get an update v8.0.6 it’s forcing everyone to update now, thanks so much
  5. Yeah @DiDA certificate has expired even struggled to install on my friends device the app stayed grey, please fix as soon as possible for you, thank you!!
  6. I just asked twice in a 3-4 day period I just wanted to make sure you got a request I didn't know if you were since you were coming online daily and weren't answering a simple yes or no reply, I can see it bothers you so I'm sorry, don't worry about the update
  7. Are we able to get an update for this hack @Archangel04 or have you abandoned this hack project?
  8. Hey man @Archangel04 can you re upload a version 1.0.4 version of this hack, it was amazing!!
  9. @DiDA can you please update to version 8.0.4 and fix the no skill cooldown not working when character is on the games auto play feature please, thanks for your hard work, and possibly add a no skill cooldown feature for co op if that's possible? Thanks
  10. @DiDA can you please update to version 8.0.4 and fix the no skill cooldown not working when character is on the games auto play feature please, thanks for your hard work
  11. The no skill cooldown feature only seems to not work when the character is on auto, but when you play it works, any chance you could still fix this though @DiDA some times the cooldown timer freezes and won’t move at all meaning you can’t use that specific attack when you take auto play on and off
  12. Thanks again @DiDA for a quick and fast update, also is there any chance you can implement a feature for NO SKILL COOLDOWN IN CO OP? That would be really incredible if it could be added, thanks again for your hard work, and can you explain exactly what the no swap cooldown feature does
  13. @DiDA The certificate expired can we please get a renewed one with the mod, also if it’s possible can we get the mod with the co op modifications added instead of single player?
  14. I mean the other version of this hack where no single player one hit kill, but has co op one hit kills and infinite soul bombs, that hack is better to use than this one
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