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  1. Get tsprotector and add mobile legends to the blacklist. Then text should appear . Also disabling jailbreak fixes this
  2. Uninstall the framework , not the app. Reboot, then u can sign in. After that, just install the framework again
  3. I know this is solved already but also uninstalling xposed framework (not the app), then rebooting fixes this. When you sign in, then you can reinstall the framework.
  4. easiest way is using Chrome. When you're on the website go to the options button next to the tabs, then check "Request Desktop Site"
  5. Check here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/s7-active/help/samsung-galaxy-s7-active-root-t3473649
  6. All I can suggest is that if you're using Casper, dont actually log in. Instead, go to options to use Current Snapchat Session to log in(Requires Root Though). This way, you wont be signed out of snapchat, and they won't detect the app
  7. What exactly did u do? Id suggest grabbing your default firmware, and flashing everything through sp flash tools. If you need assistance, give a shout.
  8. New Years resolution? If you follow it lol xD

    1. TheArmKing


      Nah , won't follow

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