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  1. @Laxus these ones - No ban when quitting too much- Increase Light FOV- Destroy Room (Turn on then turn it off)- Instant Kill all these are blocked in the gui. only the move speed / fake impostor / and one other work
  2. @Laxus Are you sure? I tested out the cheats, only the top 3 worked, all the others required VIP..
  3. So I get the error: Checking iOS version... iOS version 13.5, will mangle bundleID Obtaining team ID ERROR: No data in verification code page (I get the "requested to use apple id" popup on phone, I accepted it, and there's no input for the 2FA code... so I cant do anything) Any ideas here? I thought it was because of 2FA but FKING APPLE WONT LET ME TURN IT OFF AND IVE BEEN SITTING HERE ON HOLD FOR AN HOUR WAITING FOR SOME PERSON TO REPLY ON THE PHONE TO TURN IT OFF.
  4. @Rook How do I earn contributor? Ive been attempting to rack up all the rep I can to contribute, even if Im not really much of game hacker. The name configuration would be fun
  5. As stated in the title, I downloaded IDA pro v7.2 from this link: I cant seem to find the option to disassemble arm. Basically I cant edit an IPA file. Anyone got any tips? I think I asked this before like a year ago, but Its been forever since Ive last made a cheat for ios games, and I have a new PC, so I honestly have no idea This is what it gives me when I drag an IPA into Ida:
  6. @ExtremeDrone I noticed at some point you planned some new features, like freezing values, game speed control, all that jazz. Is this in the making? those announcements were almost a year ago, or is this project somewhat abandoned?
  7. Hey, could you archive this post? I cant find the old page I originally placed in it.

    I never archived the website itself, so its dead now (the owner hasnt renewed the domain, so its a useless tool now)
    Im actually pretty sad, that was a nice and very useful tool for me personally


    1. SkylarSpark


      I would just rather archive the post now so hopefully people dont find it and think it still works. Or could you hide it / remove it or something lol

  8. Seems he edited it with the comment "not wo" Assuming he deleted it because it "didnt work"
  9. Well, we dont really do app piracy here, we just make cheats. Atleast not too often id reccomend googling it first.
  10. Im back! Got rejailbroken after 4 months, and I might try getting back into hacking!

  11. Hello old forum people! Its been a while, im now starting work as a successful web developer and im getting into game and software engineering aswell. I enjoyed this forum a lot, but I just wanted to stop by and see whats goin on.

    1. Rook


      Happy to hear that! Best of luck to you!

  12. Waddup, here for the giveaway, however, how is this going to last like 5 months, people may forget about it well anyways, peace out!
  13. Sadly over the nearly 3 years on this community (a little more than 2 years on this account) I still havent earned any kind of rank for anything Ive done except senior why do all the cool perks only go to the vip and higher ;-;
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