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  1. Hello old forum people! Its been a while, im now starting work as a successful web developer and im getting into game and software engineering aswell. I enjoyed this forum a lot, but I just wanted to stop by and see whats goin on.

    1. DADi


      Happy to hear that! Best of luck to you!

  2. Waddup, here for the giveaway, however, how is this going to last like 5 months, people may forget about it well anyways, peace out!
  3. Sadly over the nearly 3 years on this community (a little more than 2 years on this account) I still havent earned any kind of rank for anything Ive done except senior why do all the cool perks only go to the vip and higher ;-;
  4. Heres a better solution: You could always impact or sideload the app's IPA yourself? if you cant get cydia impactor working, then search up 3uTools and use it to install the IPA, however you must also be jailbroken for that to work. personally, I find 3utools and reprovision easier, just use 3utools to impact, and then repro to resign automatically. Thats what I do
  5. Nice One! Finally someone put in the effort into putting this game back into the hacking community!
  6. Man i havent been on here in so long :(

    1. Tobias Rieper

      Tobias Rieper

      @SkylarSpark quite a long time mate how are you ?


    2. SkylarSpark


      @Tobias Rieper Fine, all good, Ive just been putting more focus towards learning Programming and IT rather than hacking, plus with highschool eating up 90% of my off time, its been hard to visit, but its thanksgivin break, so I can enjoy hacks and games for a couple days lol

  7. Oh apologies I’ll edit that @QbMoto I forgot to mention you need to download Tedit for the version of Terraria, IOS is currently 1.3.0 (pc is 1.3.5) that’s why it won’t load for you you need a slightly older version of Tedit for 1.3.0 but it has the same features https://github.com/TEdit/Terraria-Map-Editor/releases/tag/3.6.16126.20
  8. I can find another file hoster, including github. Wdym its "not working" I need a bit more info then that to help you? whats not working? The IPA? Cydia Impactor? The Hack itself? it wouldnt surprise me if the IPA wasnt working or Cydia impactor was giving you errors, but if you successfully installed the app, and the hacks not working, then im outright confused.
  9. Thankyou everybody for supporting my club up until now, Happy to announce we now have 100 members! Hurray!🙃🥳 Hope you all will continue to enjoy being a part of the club and etc, have a nice day! 😊
  10. I’m very curious at who will win
  11. Well.. the “hackers” here really only hack in opinion, hack requests will only get filled if the hackers find it an interesting app to hack. so unfortunately he’s right, this most likely won’t happen
  12. Lulwat Have you tried using localiapstore to buy it yet? I find this a funny request since I’m unable to exercise, Its an organ problem
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