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  1. Not at all you're just too early for 2019
  2. Wow u guys are brilliant Why didnt I think abt that before Thanks a lot gotta run faster only 4 hours left
  3. But it's worth waiting Mod Menu Hack has way more features than the non-jailbroken one
  4. Sadly I don't have Neptune But I will try your way, go back to land of ice and choose neptune helpers
  5. 1.5 exp boost I didn't know that switch to Neptune helpers now thank you
  6. If I remember correctly, Blitz Battle ranking is based on the number of times clearing the quest. So as long as you win the battle, how you win it (autowin or manually) doesn't matter . You win 1 time, get 1 point. Win 2 times, get 2 points.
  7. Hello everyone ! Don't know if you've already tried this or not, but if not, I would like to share a tip In my case, battling the final chapter of the latest story island (Dressrosa) brought me 40k exp with only 20 stamina. I used: INT Law Captain (boost 1.2x exp) + INT Law Guest/Friend (boost 1.2x exp) + Anniversary Boat (3x exp) + Island (3x exp). Each time I leveled up, I used the refilled stamina to battle other quests but left 20-40-60 stamina to earn 40k-80k-120k exp to continue levelling up and then repeated the process. Bad news is that Island 3x exp has only 1 day left Note: If you haven't finished the latest island, you can still choose a specific chapter from other islands to farm exp (might earn less than 40k but still a significant amount with less stamina cost than other extra island quests ) I've been playing all day without spending any gem to refill stamina
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