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  1. Help/Support ida help

    Alright got it thanks!
  2. Help/Support ida help

    Thanks, I appreciate your time and respond for helping me.
  3. Help/Support ida help

    I've tried Pou, but is there a way to really hack secured games, with any other tool, or somehow decrypt it?
  4. Help/Support ida help

    So I've tried to hack many ipa. games. So I obviously use Ida Pro, but when I fully install a game into the ida pro, for example, when I search function coins, gold, level, It won't show anything of those. Does it mean that the game is protected, and hiding somewhere in sub functions, can somehone also recommend me any unprotected games so I can train with ida? Thanks.
  5. So I've had trouble installing clutch and other cracking tools, that can crack an app. So I'm not here to fix that, but I'm asking is there any sites, that can provide cracked app files to download on pc and then hack it with ida pro successfully?
  6. TuT Using IDA to Hack iPhone Games - HBK PDF Tutorial

    Thansk mate
  7. Guide [IDA Tutorial]How to hack with strings

    Thanks dude
  8. TuT IDA Hacking Tutorial #2

    Thanks I'll check this out
  9. DIY Hack Everwing (messenger) Coins hack

    thanks dude
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