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  1. Na im talkin Q Word, its the purple option on gameguardian for android i wanna know what it is on iGameGod
  2. Whats the android config ‘Q Word’ equivalent for iOS on iGameGod? Like on android its Q Word on ios what would it be? (i32/i64)
  3. Very nice, when do u think youll have string search and group search on igamegod?
  4. I have iGameGod installed and its working perfectly fine, I just want to know what each option does, i32 i64 F and all of them and also which configuration is capable of searching UTF-8. Thanks in advance to anyone thatll help : )
  5. Les goo, back to the UTF-8 im guessing thats not happening is it?
  6. Thanks for all your hard work, also in future update could u add like a group search so like example search 469 in i32 then search 10 in i64 and the results will all stay there so its a group search and edit. Also does any of these search UTF-8? Because im not sure ehat half of the options do.
  7. Which option do i choose from the search bar to search and edit UTF-8 values
  8. This topic is for soccer t shirt, masteries and pet codes only. If you want a list of bundle and weapon codes check out my other topic here—> https://iosgods.com/topic/125582-updated-respawnables-960-bundle-hack-all-versions/?tab=comments#comment-3919945 [Hidden Content]
  9. Nope it still works i just tried it again cz of u and to confirm it does still work
  10. This is now patched when theres a new one ill update it asap
  11. Requirements: Jailbroken iPhone 5s and above mTerminal or any other terminal app Filza *PATCHED FOR NOW WILL UPDATE ASAP* Method: 1) Download the hidden file below [Hidden Content] 2) Open in filza 3) open the “private” folder and keep opening them until u get to a folder with a long name made of random numbers and letters 4) open a new tab in filza and click apps manager and find x-vpn, open it and on the top there will be a similar name made of numbers u saw earlier copy it you should have something like this- /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/49F55643-EC55-4E3B-B4B5-1F61FCB136AD 5) remove the stuff before it so at first its /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/49F55643-EC55-4E3B-B4B5-1F61FCB136AD u want to remove the first stuff so your code thing looks like this 49F55643-EC55-4E3B-B4B5 6) Copy it and switch tabs back to the first one and rename the folder whatever you just copied and click done 7) go back until you see 2 folders again debian and private, highlight them and if your on iPhone click more then click create .deb if your on iPad you should see it on the side somewhere 8 ) after youve created the .deb install it and click action and click uicache, when its done click respring and you’re set 9) open up X-VPN and it should show premium account. Credits to saunders tech for buying the premium for us all Tutorial in hidden section^^
  12. Whenever i try downloading an ipa from ios gods because its revoked i try install it via filza and it gives me this error http://www.mediafire.com/view/6b1e4f3bpxc4nom/D7BE1AD0-A333-4423-A58E-6764D8904CFA.png/file im on iPhone 6s iOS 13.2 unc0ver jb
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