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  1. I’m not posting any more videos on hacking this game, any videos that are available and are not private are found on my YouTube channel, iToxic Respawn. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. I’m looking for a script executor. For those fimiliar with the android ‘game guardian’ youll know that it can execute .lua scripts that can automate searches and stuff like that. I was wondering if I could make something like that in auto touch maybe for iMemEditor or something cool like that. Any help or pointers is appreciated 🙂
  3. I just tried this and I was getting 10+ results for my total cash even after editing it to what it was in the video (10000399) and still got 10+ results and I already had 78800 bronze keys but 0 silver and gold and when I look nearby I cant find 78800 all I find are random big numbers and thousands of 0s
  4. Ive just gone and bough iMemEditor from the official website and I’ve installed It on my device. I know most of the functions but I’m not sure what the float tolerance is for. It’s set to 1 by default but id like to know what it’s for. Thanks
  5. Install the file then share it to Apps Manager and restore it, that’s all
  6. Download link - https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/record-it-screen-recorder/id1245356545 Once installed download the Adbk file from hidden section and share to apps manager. Once done restore the backup and thats it. 1080p60 screen recording for free! [Hidden Content]
  7. It says depends on LLVM CLANG and clang-10 when trying to install jakes Theo’s then when I add LLVM clang it says conflicts with Coolstars LLVM+CLANG even thought its not even installed
  8. Get ur event points to anything above 55 and search ur event points in float. If you get below 400 results edit all to 99999 then go to multitask and back and you’ll see ur event point 999999/500 then just get 1 point and the tier is completed. If you get more than 400 results get more points and refine. iGameGod is really buggy for even point hack I recommend using igg it’s much more stable. I use that myself for tier hack
  9. Share with your friends and comment if it works for you 👍 [Hidden Content]
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