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  1. Ok here’s my drama: thank you all for amazing hacks first of all!!!!!!! my problem is every time I’m opening hacked application I have to sign in again and it takes a while because of security update it wasn’t like that before it was logging in automatically but now it’s pain in the A**
  2. Is there’s a way to use cheats without connecting to internet? i mean I’m not on my internet 24/7 and I usually play many games offline but all cheats require to login again after closing application and it doesn’t work without internet!
  3. Doesn’t work you uploaded the wrong deb files bro
  4. Crashes every time I try opening it I’m jailbroked with Electra and appsync is installed!
  5. Oh my god thank you so much you're my hero I've been looking so damn much for this patch!
  6. Hello everyone as some might know that gamegem crashes on iOS 10.3.x and I don't think the developer wants to fix that but there's a way to make it perfectly works! Requirements: GameGem (duh) filza tutorial: [Hidden Content] Note: this tutorial also works to fix Cydia eraser if you want to unjailbreak your device
  7. If you install anti revoke VPN the apps will work until you remove the VPN aka anti revoke and it doesn't matter whether it's from xxx or vshare or any other websites! But my question is: is it the same with apps installed through cydia impactor?will it stay as other apps or it will stop from working after 7 days?
  8. I tested it on 2 iPhone 5s one with ios 9.3.3 one with ios 9.2.1 and even on ipad air ios 9.3.3 and it happened! but I checked everything (cleaning everything) you can test that also it was a pro version
  9. Hello everybody today I'm here with a warning and it's not to install iCleaner from cydia! Why? Here's why: if you are on semi tethered jailbreak (iOS 9.2-10.2) well it's a big problem because when you use iCleaner only once you won't be able to use wifi or Bluetooth while on unjailbreak mode (both will turn grey) and some apps won't open like phone app (happned to me) and some settings futures will stop working like change date and time! but everything will get back to normal once you are on jailbreak mode! but seriously WTF you're going to do when your jailbreak app expires? but if you're on untethered jailbreak then you're ok (hardly anyone is on now days)
  10. I'm on iPhone 5S ios 9.2.1 jailbroken by pangu app. and when I reboot my iPhone (unjailbreak it) wifi and Bluetooth will turn dark and there's no way to enable them and that's a problem if my pangu app got expired! but when i re jailbreak it with pangu app everything is back to normal! any help is appreciated ❤️
  11. Well that kinda sucks! i changed my device because someone f#%ed with my iPhone and I had to restore it and I'm done waiting for ios 10.3 jailbreak! so the owner of IGG said you have to buy it again-_- is that the only solution?
  12. Last time i won something was NEVER so im gonna text my luck just for snoop dog
  13. He doesn't mind and as soon as he says remove it I will remove it after all I could have just lie about it and make it mine but I'm not heartless bastard
  14. Mine actually but you can still go to his channel and download from original!
  15. Non jailbroken hack for Geometry Dash is finally here! 1:Copy Hack! You can now clone any level you want and edit it then upload it as it's yours! 2: verify Hack! Make/clone a level and upload it immediately without playing it! You can even make a unbeatable level to troll people 3:Edit Hack! Level is too hard? Don't worry you can edit it as you please then play it! Note: if you edit original levels you can still play them how you edited it but they will go back to normal when you close and open the game unlike server levels! 4: song Bypass! Music is copyrighted? Don't worry you can still download it! Download link [Hidden Content] installations: I think you know how to use cydia impactor on your PC! . Note: This hack made by Absolute Gamer He's one of greatest GD hacker and he made one for iOS (usually he makes them for PC)full credits goes to him and he's fully aware that I'm posting it here! Leave a like here and subscribe to his channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCpdDW0ZdzoRzioT4eTfn-yw
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