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  1. I have the same issue. using windows 10 64bit Ran as Admin with app closed. your patch is displaying "anytrans patch" in cmd window not itools. are you sure your put the right link in this thread as i see you have another thread for anytrans
  2. WOW congratulations to Dida and all who have made this possible.
  3. Do you mean after after your account has been suspended due to no payment? It should. Try and let me know and if not I will look into it.
  4. Just finished. I own pro and tested this with new account and all features seam to work, enjoy [hide] Download Tweak Here [/hide]
  5. Yes it does I’m using it now. Once installed use filza and go to /Applications/netKillUI.app then you will see 2 executables one named netKillUI and the other netKillUI_ you will just rename netKillUI to netKillUI_ And the other netKillUI_ to netKillUI (note they can’t be the same name so on first name change add a 1 at the end then remove it once other executable is renamed like so netKillUI_1) now you will need to reboot and rejailbreak but now enter the app and it won’t crash and I have confirmed full functionality.
  6. Hey guys this this my first give away but not my last. This is a give away for 3 Fortnite invite codes as shown above. Here are the details. Prize: 3 user will win 1 Fortnite invite code so they can start playing now Instructions: -Only one requirement and that is to comment this giveaway thread with a link to your social media accout where you have publicly shared 1 link to iosgods.com (this can be a link to home page, any thread or even this giveaway thread. Note: Only one entry per member will be counted and the winner will be contacted here on the forum via PM End date/time: (TODAY) Monday 26th at 10pm PST Good luck to all participants! Giveaway Closed looks like only one person so @Rahat_Hasan898 so I will be PMing you now.
  7. There isn’t a need for stash on 10.3.3 due to the new file system. There is no partition like before so you put the files somewhere else and symlink would not a benefit. So I guess think of it this way Apple has provided the stashing for you.
  8. So do I had to post everyday I want to enter everyday. @DiDA the man that makes this site possible amd run like clock work ps. ^ does that count? If not it's still true. Thanks @DiDA
  9. @Joka kills it when it comes to updates. When ever his cheats get an AppStore update he has his updated tweak within the hour. My hat goes off to you my friend.
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