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  1. I think it’s a complete change because the gui looks very different then it used to while still containing similar elements from the engine before and I’m using the dev notes —> the dev notes https://ibb.co/TvYZKx2
  2. A game I’ve been trying to mess around with called pixelstar ships got an updated engine, would that mean there could be new exploits that the old one didn’t have making it easier to “hack” with flex3?
  3. Jailbroken vip 3 months works perfect for me but any vip would be nice from you, I don’t wanna be greedy. Thank you 😊
  4. To verify this the coin hack doesn’t work, my coins got reset to 5000 which I’m going to assume is the cap from 50000 coins and when any item the has a defensive bonus is equipped the game instantly crashes making god mode not work either
  5. Thank You! When I’m doubt reinstall rootFS, thanks for the help, I should have know to do that I haven’t used my jailbreak in so long I’m rusty again
  6. I will attempt that I’ll let you know what my luck is because unc0ver was more unstable then electra for me
  7. My repos all get errors though they are all the official ones
  8. I’m on electra not unc0ver, I’ve switched between a few times though @Ruhbx should I try using unc0ver again?
  9. I just tried going into apt to use apt update and upgrade and see if it would work, I just have silo instead of cydia and I’m not sure why it still doesn’t work, I do get an error though and I’ll post a few pictures now
  10. I’m on my iOS 11.1.2 iPhone 6s and I’m trying to get ldoe hacks which have completely worked before, now it’s asking me to update apt and remove many required sources which say it’s unsafe and doesn’t even work when I continue with the unsafe path. Many of the required updates need to remove and install newer versions and not be updated. I’m not trying to reset my phone or use my SHSH blobs because I don’t know how reliable the are, if anything I’d like some assistance on how to work the terminal and maybe reinstall the newest version of cydia if I need that.
  11. bump cuz i fkn love this game also don’t forget unlimited hunting vouchers and auto fight isn’t necessary because they have bot detection if you go fishing they make you do a puzzle i also have some offsets i found using DLG if anyone would like to take a look at them
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