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  1. Fresh out of the oven. A list of free Origin Accounts, games list included. Enjoy! Don't forget to reply/like [Hidden Content]
  2. Literally the front page of vshare says vShare VIP. Or am I missing something here? OT: Only downside to NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED ! is the ads. I guess every free app service has that, but NO ADVERTISING ALLOWED ! implements it in literally every app. Pretty damn annoying.
  3. Like, really long I mean look at my tagline.... Mission failed, by the way...
  4. It should normally work on your standard Camera app. If it doesn't, you have a problem with your phone. If you happen to mean the Snapchat camera somehow, snapchat doesn't allow you to mute camera clicks due to privacy/public photos.
  5. Oh okay, well it's great you are at least earning some. You should try other websites that allow you to "virtually" collect money or something. I know it sounds vague lol I hope you understand what I mean. And yes, I have some experience with eWhoring. It's great for boys, but not for girls lol. 0/10 recommend if you're a girl. Idek why I started it.
  6. Hey, I saw a kind of similar topic to this but everyone replies that it's dead and doesn't work so I decided to make my own. This method is very simple and doesn't require you to actually log in with an account. No more disappointments of leechers changing the password all the time, no more. - Requirements: - Browser (preferably Google Chrome) - Working brain To unlock hidden content: click the like button at the end of this post and reply to this topic. Thank you! [Hidden Content] - PROOF: - Credits: Credits go to amazing CubeHacks! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. I will always try to help you!
  7. Thanks mate, checking this out. The app works, thank you Excited.
  8. Ah that sucks.. You have lower than iOS 7.1.2 then? Because I have that one and it works perfectly fine on my phone.
  9. Why not? Something wrong with your phone or the source? Title says: compatible . Meaning you never get to download the latest version, unless you upgrade your iOS version because it's not compatible..
  10. This working method has been a lifesaver for me, since my gaming phone is the shittiest, with a lower iOS version. This is not possible if the app you want is very new and based on a higher iOS, meaning, most POPULAR apps right now are possible to apply this method on. - Requirements: - Jailbroken phone - Working brain - Tutorial: [Hidden Content] - PROOF: - Credits: @stopdabbing (me) Don't forget to leave a like and thanks. This is my first tut.
  11. Here's my tutorial of that: https://iosgods.com/topic/43492-tutorial-get-apps-that-arent-compatible-with-your-ios/
  12. What is your balance? I once got €7 and spent it right away without problems, without having to connect a card or anything. Maybe it's because you got too much money and it's a safety rule. I have €0,90 now and I have to fill in my bank account to pay for ANYTHING. I think one payment was my limit. You should ask this on the PayPal Help Forums. Unless you were eWhoring or shit.
  13. http://imgur.com/a/rP3VY made another version http://imgur.com/a/PjQlN Made that one real quick so the recoloring of the iOSGods logo may look bit ugly. I can move it if you want Hope you like it edit: i dont know anything about league of legends, not even sure if that's Vi in the picture
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