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  1. Have you read the post carefully? PlugIns folder in ipa does not let Clutch2 to crack the ipa and if you remove it and crack like this, then it would be impossible to install the ipa using Cydia Impactor as it would stuck at "Verifying application".
  2. How can this help? Cydia Impactor works identically for both Windows and Mac and it does not require Xcode (it is written in it's description). I need to know how to crack the ipa properly, not how to use Cydia Impactor...
  3. I have read it before posting. Sorry, forgot to include that I have not installed any app with Cydia Impactor before trying to install that one (I did install one to test, worked well and I have deleted it). So that's definitely not 3 apps per day limit issue.
  4. Hello everyone, my device is iPad 4 running on ios 10.2 and is non-jailbroken. My problem is that I can't install cracked ipa with some modified files because Cydia Impactor stucks on "Verifying application". The app is named "Order and Chaos Online" and it contains PlugIns folder in it's ipa. That folder is preventing Clutch2 and Rasticrak from cracking the ipa properly. So my friend (who cracked the ipa with premodified files for me using his iPad Air) simply removed it and ipa was cracked without any errors. After this, I tried to install the ipa with Cydia Impactor and it was stucked. I believe that verifying application is performed using CodeResources file in _CodeSignature folder (tell me if I am wrong), so I have tried several ways to fix that file (by removing records that are related to PlugIns folder) but have not got any success. Also I have tried to put PlugIns folder back to the cracked ipa but was unsuccessful too. Can anyone explain me how does Cydia Impactor verifies the ipa or suggest possible solutions for the problem. Also if anyone can help me by using Xcode to sign the ipa (no idea how to do it and don't have mac), please let me know. Thank you in advance!
  5. 2656
  6. Used it first time today. Did 3 tries of installing and launching different apps, all have crashed instantly. Also I have uninstalled previous application before trying to install and launch the new one. I am sure that they are compatible with ios 10.2 because I can install them from App Store and they works fine. I have downloaded free apps with iTunes on my PC and tried to install the ipa files without any change using Cydia Impactor just to make sure that they won`t crash, but they still did (these were my second and third tries, used pre-hacked ipa file on the first one)
  7. Greetings, I have used Cydia Impactor to install different apps on my iPad 4 running ios 10.2. Apps were installed successfully, but all of them crashes instantly after opening. I did trust the certificate in the profile settings before opening any of the apps. Any suggestions about how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
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  9. 2555
  10. Try this tutorial https://iosgods.com/topic/904-tutorialvideo-hack-games-with-flex-and-convert-it-to-deb-tweak/
  11. Help/Support

    Try clearing your cache and cookies in Settings -> Safari.
  12. Help/Support

    1) Reinstall the game (don't open unless you have done steps 2 and 3) 2) Create flex patch that will hide your jailbreak from the game. 3) Apply the patch. 4) Launch the game.
  13. You can use any relevant app from the AppStore. Examples: WinZip, iZip, Zip-rar tool, Zip Browser.
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