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  1. The cheat is very good. But, when you wanna tame the shadow mind, and auto win is it wins one round and then it stays stuck. Can you have a take at this?
  2. Wow can’t say this! But iosgods is officially the biggest IOS forum ever to be exist this is HUGE! Well I’m in!
  3. if u have shsh2 blobs for 10.3.3 or 10.2 then u can downgrade with nonce setter please look on google for more info there are limited devices supported if ur device aupport u can use nonce setter for 11 - 11.1.2 not 11.2 or higher so hen u search up a tutorial if u can downgrade and have neccesary things and requirements without jb if downgrade succeed u are able to jailbreak it might be at ur own risk dont blame me its ur own choice it may turn out in a bootloop if shsh is fault or nonce setter ks not worked or u fill in aomething wrong be sure udo it good if u do not wanna risk it then u need to wait until saurik released an update for substrate to run tweaks and more!
  4. Hey people i just wanted to let u know whoever win this i wish you all good luck and happy holdays and new year! good luck everyone!
  5. @Ninjaibis Like the comment appreciated! Merry christmas!
  6. @ariankordi thanks man! U have a happy holidays too!
  7. @Margen67 Wish u luck too! May we hope u win this giveaway!
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