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  1. when im trying to install this hack the cydia impactor stop and not responding and force me to close the program on the process called "ShadowTrackerExtra" Please help. IOS 11.3 (non jailbroken) Iphone X
  2. Work with GameGem too. Change to int32 btw at first I didn't understand but when you already wait for connect to server it will give you sponsorship coin and if you want more just double press home button and come back to app and wait for connect to server you can do this unlimited time
  3. MadOut2 BigCityOnline By Vladislav Ivanchuk https://appsto.re/th/VR9zib.i 1 you need The game 2 you need ilocaliappstore or any iap cracker 3 jailbroken! [Hidden Content] Credits: @Jumadas
  4. Link for this game: https://appsto.re/th/VR9zib.i this game is HIGH END game Really high end because even my iphone 6s plus with very high graphic setting My Phone only get about 40 Fps. But if you crank the Detail and all other setting up My iphone got only about 10-27 Fps But you guys can try to play with other device and comment down below what phone you use and how about Fps?
  5. Okay now i will tell you about Five facts about you you you you you you you you you you 1 you are lazy. You doesn't read all of the "you" word 2 You didn't notice that i put "yoo" in that. 3 now you are starting to find if it true. 4 you will laugh yourself because you are now get notice that you got tricked. There is no "yoo" AND YOU ARE LAUGHING! not Enough ? Now more. I know 13 fact about you! 1 you are using Apple or Samsung Phones 2 You reading this comment by Iosgods.com 3 you have just read my comment 4 You are reading my comment 5 You are Human 7 you can't spell letter P without open your mouth 8 now you trying to Try if it true 9 now you are laughing to yourself 10 you have a big smile in your face 11 You didn't read Fact number 6. 12 now you are checking if there is number 6 13 you are laughing because you got tricked. Is it true ?
  6. I want a car and i know god can give it to me but i know god doesn't work like that so i stole a bike and ask for forgiveness instead. ????
  7. Name of app you want hacked: Race Kings Version of the app: 1.20 iTunes URL for the app: https://appsto.re/th/Vb176.i Requested features: Any feature (Unlim gold,cash) anything Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: i prefer jailbroken Thank you!
  8. Iosgods is the best place for hacking there are many hacker and coder and they meet here so this is the best place for hacking.
  9. Hey Guys Jumadas is Here today I will be teaching you guys how to get Porsche 911 From Pixel car racer ! [ Porsche is Now remove And Now It Is A Very very rare car also Pretty Exclusive] okey lets start with things you need. 1. The Game 2. App Cake or app admin 3. Jailbroken Idevice 4. Time! ( it won't take long) Next is Tutorial! [Hidden Content] Enjoy ! Credits: @Jumadas @thedeadtoy
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