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  1. So, I am struggling my head to make my menu appear only when someone triple click with three fingers, found that I gotta learn UIGestureRecognizer, but didn’t found any tutorials that are for me or just good code example. Already tried some things with that tho, tbh don’t even know where I should add that code. I just want to make menu appear when someone triple click with three fingers. I’m using shmoos menu template to learn that btw. Help appreciated cuz I rly need it.
  2. Yo, so anyone knows how could I make “Hideable” menu that appears only when someone triple taps the screen? Help appreciated.
  3. Hi, so my problem is, when I'm trying to run .json script in ida pro I'm getting this error: ''Function declaration is expected" I'm facing this problem like 2 hours and still didn't manage to fix it. Any help appreciated
  4. Yo, so I managed to make actually some good cheats but I have a problem with bypassing the game anti cheat. Any tips appreciated
  5. Tysm for fast reply I already had il2cpp dumper and I actually found some offsets which were working using notepad++ I had ida, but I wasnt really using it until I couldnt found one offset in notepad++ I have all dumped files saved what should I do with them? I watched some kinda old tutorials and ppl were telling in them that after binary in ida loads u gotta run scrip file from dump folder when I would do that that sub_ things gonna magically like rename to “normal” function names? Ah I forget to tell that I opened dump.cs file in notepad++ to find few offsets @Rook
  6. My problem is, that in IDA Pro instead of normal function names, I’m getting something like sub_(offset) what should I do to get normal function names like “$Player get_something” any help and tips appreciated https://imgur.com/a/tMXbRha
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