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  1. Any more news on this? could we maybe get more people involved? This is costing me a fortune! Hahaha
  2. Is there an update on this? The novelty of being crapped on by players with less power than me is wearing pretty thin.
  3. Am also waiting patiently for this. Bought some items to tide me over, but what annoys me is that you cannot upgrade items, so whatever you buy is basically useless after levelling up a few times.
  4. Could anyone advise me (by pm) if there is anyway to get gems/coins etc hacked into this game? Maybe even free iap? Thanks in advance
  5. I’ve just suffered my second save game corruption. This sucks. It seems promoting certain characters within the hack, even when earned legit, will cause the game to crash and corrupt the save. I would really appreciate someone looking into this because I really don’t want to have to start the whole game again, it’s already a grind fest, even with the hack. If someone can find a work around please let me know, as it stands I can’t use either this or the App Store version.
  6. It crashes when i try to load my cloud save game, any ideas?
  7. Ok, firstly, i'm gutted that after 3 years of invested time into this game they suddenly pull the plug on this game, without any warning, and tell us that after Feb the game will not function anymore. What about people who have spent actual real life money!? Also, can someone please upload a copy of the non hacked IPA file for me to install, since they have completely removed it from the store and i cannot find a version to download anywhere, thank you in advance. Finally, is it possible to make this game offline only next year?
  8. This sucks. I lost my first non hacked save, so i started again, and now i have lost this save! I promoted a character that was available with the non hacked version too. Now i cannot play at all because i cannot sign out of Facebook and although sometimes the game sometimes loads, i cannot do anything, i get the loading icon persistantly at the bottom. We need the option to overwright our saves etc, more flexibility in regards to our saved games. I have been in contact with Ubisoft Support, and they outright say they 'Cannot' alter, move or delete save files, they are all automated. I was advised the first time to start again. I don't have that option anymore it seems until they hopefully fix it in a future update. @Joka Is this something you can look at? Maybe have an option to overwright saves or even fix the character promotion glitch?
  9. Ok i've messed up real bad here, someone help me... Ok, i've been playing since day one, i had a game already at level 9. Account was not linked to Facebook. For whatever reason i deleted the app (before linking with FB) and installed the hack. Game started from the tutorial. I started playing, and realised what i had done, and it would freeze if i continued as you are supposed to complete the tutorial before starting the hack, right? So, i thought i would try logging into my FB to load my old save, and thats when things have gone tits up. Now my Facebook save is linked to the tutorial game, and when i load the non hacked game it still loads my level 9 save from 'the cloud'. How the hell do i remove my tutorial save from facebook? I can't play the hack at all now it seems, because if i load the non hack version to complete the tutorial it automatically loads my level 9 save from somewhere (Gamecentre?), and if i load the hack it starts the tutorial. Please HELP @Joka
  10. Still having this issue too. Tried reinstalling this morning, due to being busy over the weekend, exactly the same. Certainly seems like a captur problem, and i am shocked (albeit a bit happier) that it is not just me having this problem, so it's not something i am doing wrong. @DiDA is this a problem on IG's side? Thanks
  11. Sorry, should have mentioned im using iPhone 6S Plus with iOS 10.3.2
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