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  1. Romance Breaker "Is your girlfriend/boyfriend complaining that you wake up too late every morning or that you are not romantic enough but of course you're too lazy to change? I have a solution for you." Introducing Romance Breaker, a small python script which sends a custom morning message from a list to your significant other every morning at a given time range on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, now doesn't this sound great already? Most loved features: You can still be lazy You can still wake up late Relationship improvement (I don't take any responsibility if Romance Breaker® doesn't improve relationship status) Magic Comments of people who are enjoying the effects of Romance Breaker: My life has never been so great, since I added this script with 1337 custom messages downloaded from the dark net in bulk to my 24/7 running raspberry pi my life has improved so much. Now my girlfriend thinks I'm perfect, while I'm sleeping peacefully and dreaming of waifus. Luca, 19 y/o, London This program was inspired by a real life critique
  2. Christmas Spirit Breaker (and New Years Too) "Are you tired of having to manually write and send christmas texts to everyone on christmas to mantain a good relationship with them? Do you want to be the annoying person who is the first one to send "Happy new year" messages to everyone on your contact list exactly at midnight? Do you want to be a bad boy this christmas season? I got you covered." Strongly inspired by my other project RomanceBreaker, introducing Christmas Spirit Breaker, a python script which automatically sends a custom christmas/new year's greeting message, from a custom messages list, to your selected contacts you want to mantain good relationships with, at given time range on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or via SMS. Time to be bad boys this christmas. Work smarter, not Harder. What you will gain: More time spent with the new body pillow you just received for christmas. More time spent stealing new year's champagne from people who are busy texting their friends. Mantain those relationships with friends (if you don't send greetings on such events they will know you are not a true friend) Magic [NEW] YOU CAN FIND THE VIDEO INSTALLATION GUIDE HERE If you have any trouble with your setup feel free to message me on Telegram @lorcalhost
  3. Hi guys, since I know some of you still play Roblox like @Zimon's sister, here is a website which provides different exploits (not made by me) which are updated daily working as of 04/07/2018 Instructions: - Choose one of the various exploits provided by the website - Download the tool you chose - Extract the .zip file - Open the [NameOfHackYouDownloaded].exe - Open a roblox game - Follow instructions on the tool you downloaded - Enjoy Download Link: [Hidden Content] In the unlikely event of getting banned or to prevent: [Hidden Content] Features: There are just too many, find them all listed under the description of each tool Leave some to show the
  4. Saliens is the new Steam Summer Sales minigames where you fight in a sort of tower defense style to conquer planets for your steam group. If you are interested in leveling up faster in the game and completing the badge before the minigame ends or just want to boost the presence of your group here is the link to xPaw's script on Github, tutorial included. [Hidden Content] All credit goes to xPaw and the community working on this Github project
  5. Should I start posting ROBLOX exploits?

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      Posted bruh @Zimon

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      The topic is locked & not working tho lul

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      Not my fault ;(

  6. Already tried spamming my messenger from many accounts so the notification wouldn't be shown but did't work. Also I fixed other of my friends phones and they all managed to get to the passcode screen at least, so I'm guessing the problem is prior to the boot of the springboard itself
  7. Nope, not jailbroken, but still scared I'll have to pay some kind of fee for a mistake their made in their sw I don't remember but were they giving away free phone replacements when there was the effective power message back in 2015?
  8. I already posted this on the apple forums and nobody is replying so I'll beg for help in this community too Somebody sent me the well known tulugu character on messenger when my phone was at 6% battery, the phone restarted and after that it got stuck on the apple logo, it never gets to the lockscreen. I have tried using dfu mode and restoring but iTunes gives me an error 2005. I have already tried using different pc ports and different cables. What can I do now? If nothing works can I get the phone replaced?
  9. Hi guys, I'm currently at a Black Mirror event and they are hosting these three websites for free Instagram followers as part of the game there. MAKE SURE YOUR INSTAGRAM PROFILE IS SET TO PUBLIC And then type in your username and press the red button 100 followers generator: [Hidden Content] 200 followers generator: [Hidden Content] 500 followers generator: [Hidden Content]
  10. Just type cmds and it will tell you the full list
  11. Hi guys, since I know some of you still play Roblox, here is an exploit (not made by me) working as of 09/17/2017 Instructions: - Download the package from the link below - Extract the .zip file - Open a roblox game - Open IntensifiedInjector.exe from the folder you have just unzipped - Enjoy Download Link: [Hidden Content] Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/620983583b4300e8fdffd4d5da5e5440e14b51f4493cf414273c411dd5c47868/detection Features: There are just too many, find them all out by yourself typing cmds in the exploit window Leave some to show the
  12. S7E04 of GoT has been leaked, anybody wants to know where to find it? Contact me

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