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  1. I used iTools version and ifile latest version.
  2. I have i5S with iOS8.1 and do like this structure below it's work. 1. Download the .deb and download the binary to your computer. 2. Extract the binary you will got file BraveFrontier then put it inside your device folder private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Applications/BraveFrontier or xxxxxxxxxx/BraveFrontier.app/ and replace it. 3. Copy the .deb to your device. 4. Go to the location of the BraveFrontier file first and then set permission 777. 5. Go to the location of the .deb and set permission 777 and then click to install. 6. Reboot your device and then go to settings and enable/disable hacks after that enjoy
  3. Download binary file is .rar not .deb file. After extract the file it's no extension file type. Anyone know how to do next?
  4. Is this hack can work on i5s? http://iosv64.com/topic/267-brave-frontier-v132/?p=1376
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