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  1. Help/Support Help with 9.0.2 jailbreak and backups

    It's ok I got it. I semi-restored and then restored from icloud backup. SOLVED
  2. Help/Support Help with 9.0.2 jailbreak and backups

    What kind of backup? iCloud or iTunes (computer) and also if I made a backup and then restored to it, wouldn't I lose my jailbreak? @@Shadow3r
  3. Help/Support Help with 9.0.2 jailbreak and backups

    Wait...so XModGames is the culprit? WTF! It makes my iPad so unstable and crash at random times. It also makes it run 255x slower
  4. Help/Support Help with 9.0.2 jailbreak and backups

    Ok I'll try that. It's an iPad mini 1 LOL I would do that, but I've got some important stuffs
  5. Help/Support Help with 9.0.2 jailbreak and backups

    Actually, there's a lot of random things that happen. Like the iPad will start playing some COMPLETELY RANDOM ( I have no idea what ) music and then will freeze the touchscreen and reboot by itself. When in Youtube, the iPad will turn off by itself. When I'm playing a game, it will hard reset by itself. All these happen at random times, not always and will happen more than twice in a day.
  6. Hey guys! I have an iPad mini on 9.0.2, been jailbroken for quite a while. The iPad has gotten the most random Cydia errors, so I wanted to fix this. Can I some how backup my iPad using iTunes or something else, use SemiRestore9 to restore without losing my jailbreak, and then restore from backup? What I basically want to do is clear my Cydia tweaks, random packages ( I have a lot!) and not lose my jailbreak, all the while keeping my data still on my iPad? Aka clear all the Cydia and jailbreak influences on my iPad off of it. Thanks!
  7. Help/Support Hacks downloaded from ifile

    Go to cydia and go to your installed tab. Look for the name of the hack for the games and remove them
  8. Request [REQ] Crashlands

    +1 @@Johnkittz
  9. General [SHOWOFF] MARVEL Avengers Academy by TinyCo

    Lol #RIPTinyCo.
  10. Request [REQ] Crashlands

  11. Request [REQ] Crashlands

    Yeah I know a patcher is coming soon. @@Johnkittz said he's making a hack
  12. Request [REQ] Crashlands

    I'm not going to do that because I suck at code and hacking in general and also @@Johnkittz is making a hack for it already
  13. Request [REQ] Crashlands

    But you can't lock the values though With a patcher, you'd be able to lock the values and not have to use iGG everytime you want to play
  14. DIY Hack Crashlands iGameguardian hacking

    @@Johnkittz bruh your the best
  15. DIY Hack Crashlands iGameguardian hacking

    @@Johnkittz Are you still working on Chaos Fighters? If you are, then that would be awesome because hack for Crashlands ( I just started playing and it's awesome) plus hack for Chaos Fighters= 9000% happiness
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