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  1. After successfully jail breaking with checkra1n I finally had the chance to give it a try on my main device and turned out that bundles were buggy and didn’t work properly on IOS. I spent hours trying to find a solution and I finally did! I have edited my topic to guide you to get bundles without any bugs. You can find this section after point 5.0. Happy hacking everyone
  2. What was it that fixed the issue for you? Asking so others would know what to do if they encountered the same issue!
  3. The bundles are a little bit buggy on iOS (especially on older iPhones!) try to put in the code multiple times. If it still doesn’t work than bundles don’t work on your iPhone. 🤔. Are you using the latest version of DLG? The game shouldn’t crash on any phone that has a RAM of 3GB or higher. Do you have another iOS device to test this on? Other people are not having any problems!
  4. Get what? It does as long as you know what you are doing
  5. Hey! DLGMEMOR Injected is a tool that allows you to modify your in game file values to your desire and is used to hack many games. You can get it from official repo [modz4fun420.yourepo.com] In Cydia . If you don’t know how to use DLGMEMOR injected plz watch a video before you try to modify the values If you want a gold and money hack only for Respawnables you can download a non jailbroken hacked version of respawnables from app.iosgods.com which is specify made for unlimited gold/cash by @DADi
  6. The last three digits are of the rookie machine gun and Since the value of the roockie machine gun is fixed [1830711028] that’s why the last 3 digits are fixed. Diff Values have diff 3 digits.
  7. I have no idea on how to find these values. I just searched on YouTube for hours clicking through every video and collecting values. I compiled them all in one topic to make It easier for you guys!
  8. Added Values for tinkerer steam bundle Skull Thunder - 5 years pack white charro gear were pack and heavy plasmachine gun *final weapon of 8.7.0*
  9. A hack that allows you to get any weapon, bundle, armor , head,body etc for absolutely free
  10. You unfortunately can’t do that with DLGMemor injected. You have to modify all values one by one
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