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  1. What is your iOS version? Maybe try respring or reboot then retry adding.
  2. I got banned because of this hack. Thx a lot.
  3. [Request] Pokemon Go 1.0.3 Name of app you want hacked: Pokemon Go Version of the app: 1.0.3 iTunes URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pokemon-go/id1094591345?mt=8 Requested features: -Hack Bag Space -Unlimited Bag Space -Unlimited Poke Balls(or any type of Poke Balls) -Unlimited Incubators Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken: Jailbroken I would love a hack or some way to modify the current bag space in Pokemon Go without having to purchase coins. I understand hacking the coins is not possible as it is server sided. Can there be a mod for the Bag Space? I realize all the requests say Unlimited, but all I want is to be able to have more of each item. Would greatly appreciate. Thank you!
  4. I understand. I respect your position and your post. It's just that if you don't really intend to catch Pokemon or use Pokestops; what is the point of changing your location?
  5. You don't have to go inside the tweak to see who its from. Under the tweak name in the tweak list, you will see the creator.
  6. Agreed. Useless information. The point of Pokemon Go! is to catch pokemon, not visit the whole world on a crappy map.
  7. I am currently waiting the 20-40 minutes. Seems to be working. I havent gotten the lost GPS signal yet, but I havent touched anything. Question, is there an tweak to leave an app open in the background as if you were using it, and still switch to another app? Does that make sense? Like in this tutorial, it says to leave the app open. I want to be able to leave this app open but still switch to a different one so i can text and stuff.
  8. No I am getting the Initialization Failed, Please reboot. Pop Up.... Grrr
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