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  1. Cydia iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak for 32-bit is out.

    Certificate has been revoked. Download IPA from official source and use ci to sideload
  2. Cydia iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak for 32-bit is out.

    no. you will only need to re-jailbreak after your device has turned off. though the Phoenix app used to re-jailbreak will expire after 7 days. once jailbroken i suggest installing cydia extender ++ to resign Phoenix app without computer
  3. Help/Support Jaikbroken with Missing Cydia App.

    keep trying to jailbreak. have you tried the mach_portal method?
  4. Help/Support Jaikbroken with Missing Cydia App.

    where did you download yalu from? was it from a reputable source?
  5. download Cydia Impactor Connect iDevice to computer drag ipa into Cydia Impactor Trust Certificate in Settings > General > Profile Management
  6. Cydia iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak for 32-bit is out.

    Jailbreak without computer go to ayouch.me/phoenix Press install trust certificate run app > Prepare for Jailbreak @Archangel04 might want add this to you OP
  7. Account x2 Spotify Premium Accounts

    Update: removed non premium accounts Still working
  8. Help/Support Cydia

    Boot into safe mode. Uninstall the most recent tweak u installed. Maybe that it the culprit
  9. Request Fetchify

    Yes. It is. Look it up in cydia
  10. Request Fetchify

    Try linktunes. Not sure if it works tho
  11. Account ExpressVPN Key for iOSGods +3

    codes are for desktop client. but codes no longer working
  12. i was able to install and sign in. what steps are you taking? may be you are doing something wrong
  13. Account x2 Spotify Premium Accounts

    updated active accounts
  14. Help/Support How do I fix this?

    I think it telling you to add the repo. The deb u are trying to install won't install unless you have that repo installed. Try installing it by going here : https://mohadu31.com/ report back wether it works or not
  15. Account x2 Spotify Premium Accounts

    Update: removed non working accounts
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