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  1. Solved picolo drinking game request

    there is v1.20.1 avail here. can wait until update is released
  2. any chance of jailed version?
  3. Because this still works for the people that are still on ios7-9
  4. i found it in one of the houses
  5. Screenshot of OP: yea i know what you mean. download an app saying ad free, but in exchange the modder places ads for themselves. but this is completely ad-free
  6. may be try reading... I know it's hard sometimes. But give it a go. It's a wonderful skill to have
  7. what errors are you guys getting? because this is running fine on my phone
  8. Only if you have synced with GameCentre. If your game can't sign in gc then no. You can't install this with out losing your current game if you can't sign in gc
  9. I'm not able to get into the download page. The ad-Revenue page is being marked as malicious but when when I disable my av, works
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