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  1. If you’re in a tournament it stops porter which allows you to jump 50 stages at a time. The hack allows you to get nothing but porter for the bosses and with the one hit kill you jump up really fast. However the hack isn’t working right now since they updated the game so just be patient and you’ll jump fast again.
  2. @DiDA Yo DiDA, would it be possible for a crafting shard hack? If not then don’t worry about it, thanks again for the hack man!
  3. Awesome! Well thanks for clarifying. It’s sorta depressing that it got removed. You think we could get a crafting hack? Or would that be bannable?
  4. The one with the chest! Or am I thinking of something else?
  5. So sans the one hit kill feature, the skill point hack works too? What about the equipment one?
  6. Actually i have a question, with the skill point hack, wouldnt that mean you could get banned?
  7. Interesting. I didn't think about that, but yeah that would definitely make sense!
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