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  1. Yes it is UnityFramework. Is there a specific way to to hook UnityFramework?
  2. Hello, I am using Ted2 MM for my tweak and I found a function called kill(). I hooked the update function of the same class, however, with the hook, the game crashes on launch. This is the code I am using: This is my hook: I have tried the %ctor{} method of hooking too and it even crashes the game as soon as I click on the icon. If I comment the HOOK, the game runs but the hack doesn't work. So, I believe that the hook is the issue. Any ideas of what is making the hook crash the game?
  3. In my situation it was the refresh stone, maybe it is different in your situation. I tested it and my alloys don't get deducted. Could you explain more or show me what happens. Elaborate please.
  4. The best way is to use il2cppdumper with Unity game and find the function that relates to the value you want to change.
  5. I get this in lldb when the game crashes: Process 12737 stopped * thread #1, queue = 'com.apple.main-thread', stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=2, address=0x104cac6f8) frame #0: 0x0000000104cac6f8 -> 0x104cac6f8: .long 0x044f043c ; unknown opcode 0x104cac6fc: mul z0.b, p0/m, z0.b, z0.b 0x104cac700: sub z0.b, z2.b, z28.b 0x104cac704: sub z21.b, z1.b, z29.b Target 0: (z) stopped.
  6. I don't understand what you mean by if it is in the beginning. Could you please elaborate? I have changed it to B instead of BL but still not working. this is the function I am trying to invoke: public ToggleView() { }
  7. I am trying to make a function call when I click a button in a game. I patched the button clicking function like this: sub sp, sp, #24 str x30, [sp, #0] bl 0x0 <-- address of the function I want to call ldr x30, [sp, #0] ret When I click the button the game force closes. Any suggestions or corrections?
  8. No thank you it was my fault I was adding code in the commented area! Also, is it possible to include the library in the NIC instead of having to install both debs to make it work?
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