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  1. The hack and its functions are updated on the iosgods app but it doesn’t say in the apps description
  2. also i have no idea, but it is possible, it is possible this hack may not support ios 12 some hacks here aren't supported on that ios however i do not know if this one is
  3. @HelloImYou hey bud sorry for the late reply to answer your question: Technically yes and no there are a lot of key items you can pick up at the beginning of the game. Although one key item seems to be a gamebreaker, in this case the the other key items don't seem to have an important function...yet (maybe never will but who knows) To be safe I would not pick up any items from chests or things that prompt investigation (yes or no questions) unless FOR CERTAIN you know that the chest you are about to click on does not contain a key item. once you see that key item pop up on your screen you CANNOT UNDO PICKING UP THAT ITEM if you pick up the item that is in the spoiler above WITH these hacks ON- YOU WILL HAVE TO START A NEW GAME!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you look up ALL KEY ITEM LOCATIONS before using this hack i forgot what chapter it is on but if you get to the chapter where sorry for the caps but i take mine and other people's progress very seriously when using hacks ( i don't want others going through what i went through; had to start over because i got stuck at that part too because i picked up the item with the hacks on.)
  4. @Fory god bless you!!! 5x exp is fantastic thats 150k exp for me and at level 70 i need almost 2 million per level
  5. wow another eden gets freaking insane when you hit chapter 25 the grind starts here lol good luck
  6. This was the admins response which I thought was hilarious Thank you for your inquiry. This is the Another Eden team. Regarding your concern, normally there are no set limits on the number of attempts for ID transfer. However, should the number of attempts be exceeding the usual range, there may be cases where the gameplay account cannot be accessed and will be locked for a certain amount of time. We kindly ask players to be aware of such situations and to be patient until the account has been unlocked if you were to encounter this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and seek your patience and understanding in this issue. Thank you for supporting Another Eden. there you go lol XDDD
  7. @Fory Hey everyone for those of you that get this error pop-up at the title page: Server error error code 1000011 This user ID is not valid I think I have a fix for this (not guaranteed but I just logged on and played, and even when I force close the app I still won’t get the error when I open the app again) first of all I think this error happens to those whose accounts are linked to Facebook 1.) so I made sure all my apps in the task manager were closed 2.) make sure ANOTHER EDEN is deleted off your phone *****BACK UP YOUR SAVE BEFORE DELETING APP**** 3.) go into safari and delete your history (all time history) this procs you to manually sign in on any website you were automatically logged onto (in this case I had to manually log onto Facebook) 4.) Download ANOTHER EDEN from the AppStore 5.) after it downloads open the game and let it download the extra files 6.) when it says “new game” go to the bottom left tab where a menu will pop up 7.) press connect to facebook, a pop up will appear saying that the app would like to connect using Facebook, press accept it should ask you 2 options: login using the web browser or the Facebook app note** if you did step 7 and you get ”you were previously logged on to this app” or something like that then you will get the 1000011 error and have to redownload the app again. you want to manually sign in again during step 7. I forgot which option I picked but in theory either option should work fine...in theory (optional) 8.) (I don’t think you necessarily have to do this step but I did it anyway.) After you manually log on to your Facebook account and it will ask you if you would like to transfer **account info such as time started, last login, current chronostones,etcnut(you have to hit transfer) it will ask you the display language and Voice language i change the display language from English to traditional Chinese and I left voice language as English. i highly doubt step 8 does anything but It worked for me after all 8 steps I was successfully able to log on without problems(goodbye 1000011) i had the 1000011 error ALL DAY TODAY and I was utterly frustrated however I tried many methods to fix my problem and I just did because I can play again. i hope this helps anyone with the FB problem
  8. @khoabin you are right! This isn’t a ban and I think I figured it out; once was in accident but then I retraced my steps and found my solution/fix
  9. so i will find out at around 9pm est what the error is about, hopefully pray to God that i am not banned
  10. @Fory at this point and time I sent an inquiry to the admins regarding my account. if it is locked, suspended, or banned i think i am just gonna start over (3rd times the charm) and just play the game legit. UPDATED NEWS!!!!! my account is not locked or banned 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I LITERALLY JUST LOGGED IN SUCCESSFULLY AND ALL MY CHARACTERS AND PROGRESS ARE THERE!!!! IM LITERALLY CRYING TEARS OF JOY! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT 1000011 ERROR CODE IS BUT I DEFINITELY WANT TO KNOW STILL ( iwas scared to death) i have no idea how i fixed it or even if i was the one that fixed it, but i will find out... as soon as the admins msg me back
  11. so guys my account is possibly banned if you get: server error Error code: 100011 This User ID is not valid you will not be able to log into the game, and most likely account has been terminated.... unless someone else has this code and fixed it
  12. Exp hack was removed 10x pick up is only from shinies on the ground and from chests
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