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  1. Alright so my bad guys, the "update" isnt really an update... it was addressing an issue, and was really maintenance However, ver 1.5.100 will be released sometime in the future; although it is not specified yet. @Fory I believe you COULD update the hacks to version 1.4.900 although I personally don't really see the point to considering the hacks STILL work if you dont Update you save file to the latest version
  2. @Fory Everyone listen up we have 2 updates coming in soon one on July 17 and one on July 19 Considering @Fory may be busy I HIGHLY recommend utilizing the hacks for the next few days before the next update is released. THESE ARE BIG UPDATES COMING IN AND THEY ARE PROGRESSING THE MAIN STORY LINE (CHAPTER 27 WILL BE RELEASED ON THE 19) FURTHER INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED ASAP
  3. because that hack is useful to grind out chant scripts and other materials plus hacking is hacking so if you do get banned then you get banned
  4. K so they do have anti cheat -defense will not work -attack hack will not get you loot when you kill zombies nor exp
  5. gonna test this baby out since the non JB doesnt give loot when you kill zombies and god mod doesnt really work
  6. @Fory you forgot to change the item hack from 10x to 25x ._. Change it please When you get home from work Gosh darn it @Fory
  7. uh fam it was always 15x exp mate we also suggested that because getting a character to lv 80 in 1 day is ridiculous and easily noticed also @Fory the item pick up is still only 10x but that is alright I can still farm for chants at a rate of 10 XD
  8. @Fory @DADi It certainly has been a while since my last update for the guide to using the hack!!! Here it is for this recent update!!! Update info: Ver 1.4.500 The Time Mine and The Dreamers THIS IS COMPLETELY UNCHARTED TERRITORY!!!! This patch is completely different than the previous episodes... Never seen anything like it... I CANNOT assess at this time whether or not it would be safe to use these hacks... you do not necessarily get "key items", but are given items during conversations through out the story AND are unique to this episode, in which case... IT IS VERY POSSIBLE GETTING MORE THAN ONE OF THESE "UNIQUE ITEMS" MAY BREAK YOUR PROGRESS IN THIS EPISODE I'd like to also point out that there are chests with some nice en"CHANT"ing goods 😉 Also I DO NOT KNOW if the item pick up hack would work here as well since the mining and the woodcutting could very well be on it's own system. So my advise to all of you for this episode is to: DO NOT PROGRESS THROUGH THE EPISODE WITH THE HACKED IPA (FINISH THE CHAPTERS OF THE EPISODE BEFORE USING THE HACKED APP TO AVOID FREEZING YOUR PROGRESS) DO NOT OPEN ANY CHESTS WITHOUT HACKS SINCE ONE OF THEM DOES CONTAIN CHANT SCRIPTS (NOTE: THERE ARE SOME CHESTS WITH OVER 100K GIT SO USE THE HACK AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION) I DID NOT USE THE HACKS FOR THIS EPISODE SO WHETHER OR NOT THE HACK WOULD WORK IN THE SITUATIONS I HAVE MENTIONED ABOVE ARE ALL UNVERIFIED!!! Remember guys, although we try to be safe, hacking is still hacking so if you do happen to get banned then regrettably you will get banned.... so good luck, and happy gaming everyone! @Fory looking forward to when you update the hacks (of course at your most earliest convenience 😉) I will plan to revise this patch update as soon as the hacks are updated! New info: hacks do NOT work when mining or woodworking so you will have to grind like you do in fishing however chests will be affected with hacks -DDM
  9. @Fory I will be posting this version's info (safe to use hacks or not safe to use ) as soon as you update the app, please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are updating the hacks or not. From doing just a little bit, it is safe to assume that the hacks would not break the game. HOWEVER!!! I will be going through as much as I can without it to get the gist of this new episode; DEFINITELY SOMETHING NEW LIKE FISHING!!!
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