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  1. so for those who still are new to the club or check this daily on September 26, 2019 at 3:41 am 676 players were banned for breaching the terms of service... including myself if you are planning to use this hacks I would not recommend doing so because you WILL MOST LIKELY be banned...
  2. Guys the licenses to the app is revoked.... there is literally a message that says that the app will crash
  3. @Fory people beat me to it XD game was updated to ver 1.6.500 last night IDA school part 2!!!
  4. YO HEADS UP!!!! don't have the hacks on during the tutorial or you will F up your game and have to start over!
  5. im pretty sure... in any game... you'd be banned (110%-- flipping percent) for using hacks in pvp ._.'
  6. yeah it was because of the apps being revoked and the maintenance that was done to the app; no one could really download anything nor upload anything. all good fam
  7. the ios gods app is currently undergoing maintenance; they are working on stability issues Apple also revoked the licenses of the apps so they are no longer functional, and so the apps themselves have not been updated due to that reason this hacked ipa can't be downloaded through impactor (for w.e reason) There really isn't any other features that could be added to the game other than the increases to current events, like fishing, mining, wood cutting (fishing was done recently)
  8. SWEET DADDY JESUS YES!!!!! the apps are still revoked so we cant install them until further notice
  9. Thing is... I had to start over, and so did a few other people too, even people on reddit posted they got stuck in the exact same place in chapter 21 because they admitted to picking up a key item with an item hack
  10. well you cant do chapter 21 with the hacks or you will get stuck, and actually there couple of key items in the future that will work like the music box.
  11. I hate surprises!!!! @Fory Thanks mate I love surprises XD Hope life is treating you well, and I haven't been updating the guide either so it'll be alright Xp
  12. Well it is official... I got banned again even when using these hacks... just not gonna hack this game anymore and play legit
  13. The apps were revoked by apple so you may have to reinstall it again, the apps were reassigned sometime today so it should work now
  14. nah i am so far behind! i have been on other games at the moment XD ill probably spend tomorrow finishing up the chapter and writing up my old guide
  15. the hack is not updated yet to ver 1.5.500, if you updated the app then your account cannot back track to the old version.
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