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  1. I hate surprises!!!! @Fory Thanks mate I love surprises XD Hope life is treating you well, and I haven't been updating the guide either so it'll be alright Xp
  2. Well it is official... I got banned again even when using these hacks... just not gonna hack this game anymore and play legit
  3. The apps were revoked by apple so you may have to reinstall it again, the apps were reassigned sometime today so it should work now
  4. nah i am so far behind! i have been on other games at the moment XD ill probably spend tomorrow finishing up the chapter and writing up my old guide
  5. the hack is not updated yet to ver 1.5.500, if you updated the app then your account cannot back track to the old version.
  6. Yeah... I would not use the hacks at all until you beat the main campaign... first item was a key item to progress through the story you probably would have to start all over the moment you picked it up XD
  7. @DanYal Herro! Just curious is this app no longer hackable? If it is still hackable could update the hack whenever you are able to XD no rush for realz...
  8. bruh I am still using the hacks so I don't know what you are talking about, also @Fory updates the hacks (at his own pace) and the game is still hackable; only time I have ever seen a thread close is when a hack no longer works... also @Fory Another Eden Version 1.5.1 is coming out tonight July 31st 10pm EST SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!
  9. so it is officially the reset and after using the hacks... I was fortunate enough NOT to be banned As of this moment I assume it is safe to use the hacks to its full potential in the raids However, it is always possible that i could be banned without notice It is %100 certain that you will be banned if you use hacks in the following areas World boss Pvp Parley PVP (event battle currently going on) Guild boss battles Guild battles Guild tournaments Dimensional Boss *** IF YOU ARE IN A GUILD THAT DOES NOT TOLERATE CHEATING OF ANY KIND; EXPECT YOURSELF TO BE REPORTED AND BANNED NOTES: some of the hacks are a finicky in certain places... General No skill cooldown AND No skill cost hacks apply to the enemies AND map elements... bosses can spam stun moves like no tomorrow... (pick and choose your battles) in story mode or other modes you will pass enemies that are just standing still using buff skills Attack Hack is also linked with enemies in Daily defense (info down below) Daily Defense With damage hacks on.... the object you are trying to defend WILL take a ton of damage and die almost instantly! ( turn off attack hacks here) That pretty sums up the info I have for now, but overall You can use the hacks in almost every part of the game; very useful
  10. so i have no idea if this will get you banned when doing raids... but we will see.. almost every week before reset it will say calculating results i have no idea if that is them checking to see if their are any signs of hacking.. but I will find out at the weekly reset if you get banned or not... I really hope not if anyone has been banned because they got caught hacking somewhere please let us know.
  11. Not everyone has the same amount of time to put into updating hacks; we all got a life to deal with. If it took @Fory 26 days to update the hack; then it takes 26 days for him to update the hack. If you are not satisfied with the pace of when the hack is updated then 1.) go find someone else to hack the game 2.) hack the game yourself 3.) be patient and wait for the hacks to be updated, and find something else to do until it is updated
  12. k this is literally the best hack for GC full control of hacks, and can be used in almost every area of the game i have not tried using it on raids, but we will see
  13. according to AE admins they are planning to release 1.5.100 soon, however I do not know when soon for them is... it really is up to @Fory if he decides to update now or later we just gotta sit and wait patiently XD
  14. it will take a while before the ipa is updated on the iOSGods app please be patient until then XD
  15. Alright so my bad guys, the "update" isnt really an update... it was addressing an issue, and was really maintenance However, ver 1.5.100 will be released sometime in the future; although it is not specified yet. @Fory I believe you COULD update the hacks to version 1.4.900 although I personally don't really see the point to considering the hacks STILL work if you dont Update you save file to the latest version
  16. @Fory Everyone listen up we have 2 updates coming in soon one on July 17 and one on July 19 Considering @Fory may be busy I HIGHLY recommend utilizing the hacks for the next few days before the next update is released. THESE ARE BIG UPDATES COMING IN AND THEY ARE PROGRESSING THE MAIN STORY LINE (CHAPTER 27 WILL BE RELEASED ON THE 19) FURTHER INFORMATION WILL BE POSTED ASAP
  17. because that hack is useful to grind out chant scripts and other materials plus hacking is hacking so if you do get banned then you get banned
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