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  1. Yo nkodder, what happens to flex converter for ios 11?

    1. nkodder
    2. Walking Hell
    3. Walking Hell

      Walking Hell

      I think it is the wrong version, i get "Patch not found."

  2. seems there is a new version 1.10, gotte try if it stil works on it
  3. I suppose you have to install some texture pack or theme for this, edit: nvm it’s not the same method, still nice find
  4. is this legit? lol edit, its just repeat trail version
  5. Yo Dude! You have new Ziggo Go jailbreak bypass? :)
    The one in Flex fails. Otherwise, I'll try to bypass it myself. :p

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    2. Joey


      Hm. Interesting

    3. Walking Hell

      Walking Hell

      i think it works with passionfruit and nosub, as passionfruit has also some features to log and bypass jailbreak in it, so it counters whatever ziggo go is doing.

    4. Joey


      Can't you see what it bypasses then?

  6. its only possible to download apps via the itunes enterprise version. that can be found here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208079
  7. Get the new xor or aes code for their encrypted .pak update files and I will be impressed, lol
  8. hmm, its not a dylib hack, but it's always nice to hide grass
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