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  1. @Amuyea Appstore updated to 1.14, please kindly update ty
  2. This @Laxus they changed some stuff and your mod behaves differently now, as quoted above. Please take time to fix thanks boss.
  3. Multiplier works fine. What you see might not reflect the actual damage, but actually the enemy get damaged as what you set. eg. x100 and you did 1000 on screen, so the actual damage done in the background is 100,000 and thats what the game registers. The trick is though, you gotta tick✅ BOTH Atk AND Def to make it activated. The DEF works as long as your total HP is higher than dmg done by enemy. You’ll see your hp go down then heal back up to full again. If they outdmg you, you’d still die. The only place it doesnt work is in Raid (Calamity). You better set Atk at 1x and Def at 100x, coz in the end the game will register only the non-modded damage. One more thing, if you die (get 1shotted) when “Always your turn” is on, game will freeze and for Obelisk/Coliseum/Raid, it will still use up your respective energies used. For Story/Primehall, if it freeze and you restart game it wouldn’t use up the energy. Hope that helps everyone
  4. @Laxus after observing again, there is a glitch for the feature “Instant Skills” It works for some skills but not for some. Works for self-buff skills, but for attacking-enemy skills there is still cooldown as if the mod does not work. Is this something you can investigate and fix mate? Before the latest major update the Instant skills works perfectly for all skills. Only there is difference now after update
  5. Confirmed working, thank you @Laxus boss! hopefully next time it crash again you’ll know that its not because its autoupdating in the background... i think it happens when they have major updates, the minor update before this latest one the mod was still working fine. Love your work 🙏
  6. @Laxus please look back a few pages before when in the end you decided they did change smth and you had to actually update the .deb mod file. It is not frozen because auto updating in the background. This is the exact same symptoms as last update’s crash. Thanks boss
  7. @Laxus hi boss, new update just came out and again the mod froze up the game. Guess they changed smth again, could you please try update with working mod ASAP? Ty in advance 🙂
  8. I can vouch is working perfectly as before now. Thanks you legend! @Laxus Boss, any chance the DEF multiplicator can be more than x100?
  9. @Sharmut at least tag the right person 🤣 @Laxus boss, any progress? Thank you
  10. Well glad I’m not the only one 😮 update for me: -ATK/DEF multiplier doesnt freeze, but no effect. -Instant Skill doesnt freeze, but no effect. -Always Your Turn is the culprit that freezes game. -Autowin: IDK, never touch that risky stuff. Be patient guys Laxus said he’ll have a lookie tmrw.
  11. I waited in frozen state (15mins) until eventually the game crashes itself. and then relaunch app, activated mod and do nothing and waited 15mins again, then going into battle and still frozen. Last time the game had an update I didn’t encounter this problem, I even reinstalled the mod... how long do I need to wait? I think mine is not auto updating coz I dont see the usual “updating ...%” on the interface. Send halp plz 😣
  12. Hi @Laxus, game just got updated, and everytime mod is activated at the start of battle it always freezes the game... just me? Please check ty in advance champ
  13. Hi @Laxus I have same problem, running ios 12.3 on iP SE, never got it to work just stuck at NVIZIO logo then app crashes back to home screen.
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