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  1. Does anyone know where I can get AP mod menu? The link on the topic is down. I just want some mod menu that I can make for iOS 11.
  2. Well I wasn’t just updating them mindlessly I knew what I was doing to an extent and learned from the code. However, I’m limited on iOS 11 because debugging is a bit difficult and it only works with a USB port (which doesn’t work anymore on my pc). However, thanks for the code and I guess I will try to figure it out. Maybe I can send you the code if I can get it working and you can update it.
  3. Yeah, it's the first guy that you can talk to on the left hand side from when you spawn in. It's called wargames and it would be sick if you could figure it out. It's what all of the higher levels do. I tried to get it to work for pvp, but haven't had success yet.
  4. Ok, so I was able to get this aimbot to work on the current version and I noticed that it doesn't lock onto others players. It will only lock on to the enemies in singleplayer. Do you think that you could update the code to make it work for pvp?
  5. New version out on the guy's github website. You should put the release page link instead of the specific beta 8 one.
  6. What does the Local Area Network Patch do?? very curious...
  7. @xiaov Just wondering though, is there is way to hook SKPaymentTransaction in shmoo's mod menu so I can make a free store feature? I see that you have iap stuff in your mod menu.
  8. dang If I had my own menu that nice I wouldn't release either Edit: Well apparently I got banned from the game lol... I thought that it was my mod menu oops
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