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  1. Anyone wanna play together and grind to legendary? Message me your ID or IGN and let’s play together and f*** them all
  2. Any fellow wallhackers want to play ranked together? I’m rank Master looking to hit legendary
  3. Do you play cod ranked often? Wanna play together and grind wins?

    1. Fruitistic


      @absolut1on Please update easy-install Standoff 2 radar hack...?

    2. Laxus


      Give me username so I can report to Tencent, tks

    3. absolut1on


      Yes, pls. Im a nuub!

  4. Can you PLEASE release a stronger hack for Call of Duty Mobile than the Q-Vision? I get hackers in 95% games that use aimbot, speed hacks and flying and it’s impossible to f***ing play anymore.


    Could you PLEASE finally release something stronger than the wallhack to fight ALL these filthy other hackers?



    I can’t enjoy the game anymore.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. absolut1on


      :peace:Dont play if you dont enjoy.Others will get ban. New anticheat for android is up already active and banned more than 10000 accounts. Mega thanks to @bR34Kr for making this.Best hack cod mobile.

    3. mroasis2


      hi breaker, would you mind to make the wallhack works for codm garena version 1.6.8 too?

    4. bR34Kr


      @mroasis2 Try setting your graphics quality to low.

  5. @bR34Kr no answer? the regular wallhack is not regular, it’s changing colors like the q-vision..
  6. The color changes. It’s not constant for the regular one, it’s the same as the rainbow version.
  7. @bR34Kr the normal wall hacking is q-vision too now, it’s rainbow instead of normal. also - there are so many hackers with speedhack/aimbot/flying and whatnot. Could you please make that for us as well? I have no idea where everybody are getting it from.
  8. @bR34Kr game was updated today, can you update the cheat to make sure it’s updated and safe? Thanks
  9. Call of Duty Mobile was updated today, can you update the Q-Vision to make sure it’s safe for use? Thanks :).

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. absolut1on


      :??:i would not think that for now. Im happy that exists this ,in the first place. 🤗And that now is undetectable.

    3. bR34Kr


      @Xaier the game does not have permission to check for those files though. A protection would be close to impossible to make, it would require Apple to give further permissions to App Developers which they will not.

    4. Nooras
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