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  1. Zimon made that app for updates for windows but this seems better since it can be seen on the device! Both are awesome tools! barely wait to test it.
  2. Ok UPDATED TO 10.7 HAVE FUN. as new anticheat was again updated i want someone to tag me if the remaining cheats work and are not detected.[you get ban if its detected]
  3. Gotta clean up a bit. will remove iap . update cheat in 1 hour Edit: removed iap and monsters run zigzag.Let's hope well to not get ban .we still have Godmode, for now, to go forward.
  4. Ciao Nicola, piacere di trovarti qui da noi! Qualsiasi problema hai o se hai bisogno di qualcosa puoi anche chiedere nel club di sotto , se non vai d'acordo con l'inglese certamente!
  5. Hmmm , can you test my Godmode?? i have only this game Gamecenter account left. Buy package with real money , at window click cancel but package is buyed. Here with money can buy packages or gold! then you spend the gold whatever you want in game
  6. Nothing is patched, just gets detected and give ban. Im suspecting ammo , or they just banned the guys who bought many packages!
  7. Ok tested arround with a new account, i was banned too! It seems it is a patch rather than an update. In the new account i have activated all cheats except the inf. ammo, im suspecting that to be detected as cheat, untill now no ban . Can anyone test on a new account the ammo cheat if gets banned?
  8. i tested right now more weapons,all have unlimited ammo,just click the button again better,i have seen has some glitches with shooting after reload, ok, other ones?? why dont work???? its marvelously strange why nothing works for you....
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