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  1. Hello mate could you please and kindly update 8ball pool   v5.7.1

  2. Thanks But The link take me to app store I need to copy app ipa file to my pc from my ipad
  3. Can you please help? How do I download IPA files from iPhone to computer Many thanks
  4. its been a long time without updtae !! i hope you are ok if you get the time kindly update this hack as its the only hack that have iap enabled please try to uodate it kind regard
  5. This is my first post so if I did any thing wrong please forgive me all what you need is a Igameguardian Don't use Xmodgame you will be ban Open 8 ball pool Start practice off line and break Now open I gamegurdian and on pool serch for 1075734118 Then change to 1085734118 and lock Now you have long guideline and you won't be ban
  6. please update as this is the only hack have iap function :update: :update: :update: :update: :update: :update: :update:
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