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  1. Congrats, you won, DM Me for the prize @ZahirSher hey dad, this giveaway is done, please lock it
  2. Guys, changed the deadline to later tonight, I won’t have an internet tomorrow.
  3. As I said, if you’re lucky, maybe a year Maybe you?
  4. Yup, giving away a spotify premium account and it’s on family plan of course, you can add up to 6 more spotify accounts to the premium plan with the family subscription! It’s on a monthly renewal plan but if you’re in luck and they don’t notice it, it might be renewed on its own every month What do you have to do to enter? I’m glad you asked: just reply and say semthin below will announce the winner tonight. p.s this is a freshly created account btw p.s @DiDA I got you covered buddy
  5. to get my desired mark when i finish grade 12 which is this year
  6. Best memory: meeting @DiDA and this beautiful forum what dida hates: pubg kids obvi hmm a liner, you mean a quote or something? There you go: Success is the greatest middle finger of all time
  7. You could use rollectra or the restorer in unc0ver to fully restore the phone if you haven't installed anything on the phone or if you don't care about the data in the iphone.
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