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  1. General Domain Help?

    I have mine there
  2. General Domain Help?

  3. General Domain Help?

    You want it for 0.99$ for 1 year?
  4. Tool LowerInstall – Install Unsupported Apps on your iOS Firmware

    did u set the iOS in settings?
  5. Another day, another tweak. This new tweak aims to enhance the compatibility of certain apps on your device. Here’s how it works. HOW LOWERINSTALL WORKS Admit it, we come across quite a few applications that no longer support our firmware version. While this is a non-issue for average users, jailbreakers must make do with whatever firmware they have as they can’t update. This is where LowerInstall new tweak comes in. As its name suggests, LowerInstall Cydia tweak allows you to install unsupported apps on your current firmware version. It is developed by eminent tweak developer Julioverne. It achieves this by spoofing your current iOS firmware version. This fools the App Store into believing that you are running that firmware instead of your actual older firmware. Remember, even if you download an application, it may or may not work due to other constraints. Some apps do have an unofficial minimum version up till which their functions work. Therefore, this tweak will allow you to download a particular app but it can’t control whether it will actually run on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. At present, it is proven to work with GarageBand and Clips app by Apple on iOS 10.2, both of which require newer versions. Once you install it, restarting the Springboard from Cydia won’t cut it; you must manually reboot your device to activate its functionality. You can spoof your firmware version from its Settings section. DOWNLOAD LOWERINSTALL TWEAK This tweak is a must-have for every jailbreaker because sooner or later you are going to run into an unsupported app. Highly recommended. Credits: The Sexy and cool Developer, Julioverne!
  6. offest Snipers vs Thieves ios

    how did u get this?
  7. If its broken, can it be fixed?
  8. Nothing shows even after 7 seconds hold
  9. Also if i factory reset it, i'll lose everything in my TV lol apps and movies
  10. The issue just started this evening my own TV is 49UH850V LG, tried 2 more LGs none worked
  11. I have like 4 HDMIs none worked, the TV has 3 inputs and still didn't work Even tried on different TV, still no luck I even tried different TVs, how to factory reset without getting into the PS4 system? No luck for safemode too Even tried different TVs
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