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  1. Hey man. The hack works great... the first time I got it few days ago during the 1.6.4, the coin hack don't work..but with this 1.6.5 came, it works fine now. Although I think it's better this way.. At least I don't have free craft because that would take the fun away... I like your hack cause I think it's totally balanced and you have to work for things. Anyway, one question. Recently I deleted my game(1.6.4 hacked IPA) thinking that the progress was saved. So when I installed this 1.6.5 IPA, the game ask to restore but the progress of it was from months ago...the one when I first started. Means I had to start from scratch again with this IPA. Is there any way to replace the save with current one? Or is there a way to keep current progress in case new update comes? Waiting for your reply. Thanks
  2. cool. Didn't get the chance to use Rasticrac here which saying stuffs like can't install because cannot find CC Darwin etc but I already have a file called 'Darwin CC' in my tweak list installed when I JB lol. But it's cool tho, I'm getting hang of Clutch now.
  3. Tbh it's not that hard. I think this one is actually much improved. Well, what you should do is Clutch -i and you'll get the list(which was clearly stated there lol). Then you just Clutch -d <value>... and again, it was clearly said in the list
  4. Nice, haha. Dang you really did it... I can't even believe it was that easy lol. Anyway I just set to 999999... Game crashes around 2-4 times on startup but doesn't matter cause you will get in fine after that. Now I'm gonna revert the values to original in the xml and try update the game to latest version. I'll update it here with the results UPDATE #1: Apparently you don't have to change the value back to original or anything. Maybe this is just my device having issue with the app or something that keeps giving me few crashes at startup. I updated to the latest version fine yet the crashes remain after revert back values. UPDATE #2: I still have all the gold earned and 9++k gems remain untouched after update. Tried to buy stuffs from store and everything works fine as it was. As for the online or the chest thing you can buy with gems, you won't be able to purchase them as it says 'you don't have enough verified gems' message. Tried that on the darkness magic and the chest. For story mode stuffs, all good. As for me I'm fine tho, since I enjoy the story only lol. With my monk sets upgraded to my level I can still handle the bosses well lol. Sucks that I can't get any darkness if I finish them lol
  5. Fully functional premium method? Not just some 1 month free and then have to redo thing? No ads? If all those questions came up positive then i might try this out. It's annoying to have premium tweak but still see ads lol
  6. Make the VIP crack available then come back
  7. Restarted the device, launch the Pangu app and click jailbreak then lock your home screen. Your device should reboot soon, you'll either get a pop up saying 'Jailbreak was successful' or get direct reboot without any pop up. If you don't get any, that's a fail JB. So do the same thing and this time, try to wait from 8-20 seconds before lock your screen. Simply put, you still can JB your device even after reboot though it might take more than 2-3 reboot to get it back. Worst case scenario for me was restarting the phone and see that my JB profile was gone and I can't launch Pangu app at all. That was when you had to restore your iOS version via iTunes to 9.3.3 and Re-JB again. I notice that 'reboot' from Cydia won't do anything but try shut down and turn your phone on again might cause this issue.
  8. but that's still kinda cool considering how you managed to pull this hack out. This game is played by millions and millions of players so no doubt small percentage of them would come here to get this, lol. Anyway, your hack is indeed great and I hope you'll keep this thread alive as long as possible... And oh, I'm waiting for current version to increase my passes amount
  9. Yo. This working on latest version? Any way to make the passes increase by another 2-3k more from this 1.9K your hack gave? Another thing will be the purchase fail popup kept on appear on screen lol. The gems and passes will be same after reinstall right?
  10. man, the download server is like snail. Slow to the point they say could take 5 hours. I aint got much time to stay on the page that long, lol EDIT: I'm done. Download with PC, Network error. Download stuffs from App Store is the quicker than this. Sure this is not my connection problem. EDIT 2: It's okay, the server turned normal now. Awesome hack btw
  11. Man, this is my first time using Flex 2. How the heck do I get the Unit for BOOL thing? Can't find them anywhere
  12. Great, they worked perfectly fine on my 9.3.3 . Tho I haven't had any idea why I only can have girl characters instead of guys. Is it even normal for a guy to play this game? :lol:
  13. Content Feed: Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon

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