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  1. well u see here, that all seems to make sense and all, but I'm not that far yet lmao. I have absolutely noo idea what any of that means
  2. hey man we don't need this negativity
  3. Update uncoiledlobsters please. tbh he's so annoying tho. Hate that kid
  4. using ios 9.0.0 Right now everything is working perfectly but it's my lack of knowledge. Also I am trying to do method hooking not ms hooking
  6. I'm just using flex to find headers and methods I'm not making anything to post in flex
  7. im making a tweak but im using flex to find the headers and methods or whatever they are. I don't know what IDA's are and i don't know what mshooking is. Right now im trying to learn method hooking because it seems easiest and i'm just trying to get a feel for mobile substrate. I'm not trying to make a tweak in flex
  8. Welcome to iosgods. Saying "Tips" is pretty broad. If u ever need help with anything go to the help/support section and you will get great answers for anything you want.
  9. damn dude, thats really nice. U think you could find a way to make the u and c stand out a little more? If not I'll still take it
  10. Hello! I am brand new to hacking and from what it seems, mobile substrate methods seem to be the most effective. At the moment I am attempting to learn Method Hooking as it seems easier than other methods such as code injection. I am trying to get a feel for Mobile Substrate before I move on to bigger and greater things. Here is where I currently am, I have created a new project and have it cd'ed properly. I believe I have the bundle ID in the correct place in the myhack.plist (Project name is myhack) I put it in the key area where it previously said "Bundles". At the moment I am pretty stuck at how to call out headers and methods and how to change values on that and would very much like an in depth explanation. I have read some great tutorials in the help section but none of them are really helpful for somebody who knows absolutely no lingo at all. I am using flex and have class dump but have no idea where to find the headers and methods (Not sure of the difference or what they are) or what to do once I find them. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read NOTE -- I NOW KNOW THE MSHOOKING AND METHOD HOOKING ARE DIFFERENT THINGS. I AM TRYING TO LEARN METHOD HOOKING.
  11. Amazing lanouar. Ive been waiting FOREVERR for you to hack this. Much love.
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