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  1. Updated News, Odyssey Jailbreak now supports 13 - 13.7! So those who waited, it paid off!!
  2. Lol this was years ago. I’ve upgraded since then. But I still do miss my pathfinder! 😂
  3. Hey y’all! Updated news! 11-13.7 may be supported on Unc0ver soon! 14.2 has already had breakthroughs, but it may be a minute before it’s ready.
  4. If you have a windows computer, there is a method but it’s a little difficult. I have the tutorial on my thread if you’d like to give it a shot. Checkra1n currently only supports Mac and Linux.
  5. Title says it all! Let’s here some stories! Please do your best to keep it clean! 😂😂 I’ll go first! When I was in upstate New York, I had a 1991 Pathfinder, I loved that little truck and she could go ANYWHERE! Well, one day, I took her off reading and was having a blast. I hit a patch of big bumps that jarred the truck around, at about 45mph... I cracked the frame... whenever I’d get her above 50-55mph, you could feel the whole cab flexing. After about a week, I decided that it was time for a new car!
  6. Hey y’all! So! I’ve change up some stuff. Firstly I got rid of the memes and the serious pages. Everything can just be dropped in here! welcome to all the new people! Thank you so much for joining! Please, converse, have fun, meet new people to play with!!
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