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  1. Doesn’t work anymore, the game crashes if you try to open it. Where you able to get it working??
  2. Wow... over 1300 pages of replies lmao... Great hack though, thank you very much 🙏
  3. Thank you!! I don’t know when I’ll need this, but I’ll keep this in mind if I ever get caught ^^
  4. Heya! I’ve downloaded a few hacks, and realized that if you get the contributor role you can basically use the jail broken-vip features for free... Sadly, you need like 3 hundred posts for that, so here I am in the introduction section ;-; This post is definitively meant as an introduction, but it’s also a way to raise your post count ^^!
  5. Ny review: * Amazing and easy to use. You unlock all pets, skins, and get an ad-free experience. * The feature that allows you to trick the game into thinking you’re the impostor is client-side only. Meaning, if you try and kill people with the “kill” button, you’re not actually gonna kill them (it’ll look like you killed them, but in reality, they’re still alive from their perspective). The * “instant kill” feature is cool, and fun to play around with. *Haven’t tried the “break room” feature yet, but it seems amazing too. * You can pretend to be the impostor and use the vents, even though you’re just a crew mate. Cons: * Sometimes you get booted out of a match, with an error message telling you that you need to update your game or something (even if you have the latest version) * if you abuse custom speed, you’re likely to get caught as a cheater early on * If you active the feature that makes you pretend to be the impostor, you aren’t able to revert back into being an ordinary crew mate. Since you’re telling the game that you’re an impostor, but the server knows you’re a crew mate, you’re unable to actually kill anyone, and unable to do any tasks. This means that if you activate the feature, you will never be able to win through task-completetion, since the game won’t allow you to do your remaining tasks (and because there’s no way to revert back). However, the hack is a 10/10 for me ^^
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