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  1. I’ve got the same problem with my phone. I’ve reinstalled it and nothing works, it’s a bug or something or maybe a ban I’m not sure. How ever I tried it on my iPad and I get this message when its successfully logged in. ENGINE_TIMENODE_PASSTIME_ERROR - Invalid key/index ‘rowOffset’ with value ‘-1’ for container ‘block’ then the app quits. With my phone it instantly quits. Even in the normal app. It’s strange. I’ve message tinyco and they said they are working on it which has now been 2 weeks.
  2. @DiDA is there any chance of updating avengers academy? 

    1. Rayan-


      You shouldn't use status updates for requests, use the appropriate sections. :) 

  3. Me too, although this has been the longest wait 😂 this game is what I play the most and even more now with the new update but it’s very slow 😂 with this hack it speeds up things.
  4. You are awesome as always. I’m just curious, with android modded versions of this update from different sites has only instant activities mod. I wonder if there’s a ban system in free store, Since the new update sells items for a quick upgrade in store. Just though I’ll let you know if it is the case.
  5. I’m relaxed haha, I’m just asking that’s all. There’s already a modded version of 2.0 update on android, claiming to have all the previous mods working. Yet the only thing works in that mod is instant activities everything else cost. That why I’m curious.
  6. @DiDAWhat’s the progress with this? Is it going to take longer to update due to it’s new changes. And Do you reckon there’s a ban system put in place with this new update?
  7. Hey people, I've jailbroken my iPad ios 9.3.5 and some games I've downloaded detects the jailbreak and shuts down like for example "the walking dead - no man's land" I've done some research and found a couple of tweaks. Xcon, flex 3, tsprotector 8+ and none of them work. Is there anything else I'm missing out or is there a work around this?
  8. Awesome thanks for this, although In my experience this diverted me to moviebox for iOS which I already had. I was still getting the country block on certain tv show. I tried using their vpn method which is outdated so it didn’t work. Then I looked around and picked up NordVPN which states it works with movie box and it works perfectly.
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