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  1. @DiDA can you update ASAP please as the event ends in 2 days and want to get all the stuff before then since I’ve not been able to play for 3 weeks due to bugs.
  2. Yes I did use the hack on my account before. Strange thing is my account for some reason goes back and forward into working fine for awhile then into bootloop crash and back to working again then crash again. Only thing is it’ll get stuck in bootloop on my phone forever. However it’s a different story on my iPad mini, because it’s much slower and I noticed it’s shows the same bug every time it crashes. The physical building menu shows up first thing but can’t close it unless I click on the edge of the screen repeatedly or click on something else, a lot of the time it crashes but if I repeat the process eventually the account is back up again running without any crashes then eventually it’ll crash again at any point. Even when I play then not play for a few days when I go back to playing again it crashes. Strange
  3. @ZahirSher can you update please the event is coming to a end it’ll be nice if we could use the hack before it ends please.
  4. I was able to max the base without getting banned but the moment I went to attack I got banned.
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